Top Home Office Trends for 2017

Is this the year that you begin your own business? Or are you planning to start spending more time working from home? Perhaps you are ready to upgrade your home office in 2017. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to incorporate these top home office trends for 2017.

Cut the Cord

You likely already have Wi-Fi powering your home and with it your home office, but 2017 is the year to take wireless to the next level. Top rated wireless printers, wireless charging stations for mobile devices and even wireless computer monitors will be filling home offices this year because they create a clean workspace that will enable you to do your best work.


2017 is the year to plug into the internet of things (IOT). Philips Hue light bulbs, connected door locks and electrical outlets connected to the internet will be the big trend this year. Connecting devices to the internet not only helps you keep your electrical costs low, IOT devices centralizes control so you can maximize your time.

Get Rewarded

You tend to make a lot of purchases for your small office so get something back by signing up for loyalty rewards and cash back for the items you already buy. Of course we recommend Staples Rewards but also look into cash back credit cards and gas rewards if you drive a lot.


Is there a quote that motivates or inspires you? Have you set an aggressive revenue goal for your business that you’re pushing towards this year? Print out that inspiring quote, or that goal with a simple font like Helvetica and in a bold color (see below) on a simple piece of white paper. Then frame it and hang it in a prominent place in your home office to stay on trend this year.


Home offices in 2017 will incorporate more color with accent walls, playful desk accessories and even a sweet pillow for your office chair. Textures will also be a big home office design trend so look for items with different textures, like raw wood surfaces, bright wool chairs, concrete pencil cases and industrial pipes. Be creative and give yourself a home office that energizes you all year long.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your existing home office, or you’re finally taking the leap to start your own business, you’ll want to incorporate these top home office trends for 2017 to make your space one that works for you.

By Andrew Patricio

January 11, 2017