The Pocket Projector: An Unexpectedly Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

While the idea of a portable projector might seem a little strange to the average person, these little devices make fantastic gifts for anyone who travels and especially for those who travel for business. Many portable projectors are barely larger than a smartphone, making it easy to throw them into a laptop bag or backpack, not to mention a suitcase or carry on. So why would someone want to have one of these little devices in their travel arsenal? Read on to find out.


Why carry a portable projector

When it comes to presenting or consuming media, portable projectors offer a level of flexibility you just can’t get from your laptop. With a pocket projector, you don’t have to rely on the right hardware and circumstances when presenting away from the office. You can also easily share media content such as photos and videos, making these devices great for personal and family travel as well.


Though you probably won’t get the same resolution or brightness as a full-sized projector, the portability and flexibility of a pocket projector is hard to deny.



Pocket projectors have a wide range of features that make them even more useful. Some great ones to look for include USB or SD drives, internal memory, rechargeable batteries, and wireless or HDMI connections.


When deciding which features are important, I recommend first considering if you’d like the flexibility to use your projector without having to carry your laptop. USB and SD drives and internal memory all enable you to load content to your projector without the need for a laptop. Next, you’ll want to determine your power needs. Rechargeable batteries mean that you won’t have to rely on a conveniently located power outlet, which can be surprisingly handy. Finally, it’s important to know how you’d like to connect to your projector when using a laptop or smartphone. Wireless connections are great if you’ll be using your smartphone but it’s also great to have HDMI as a back up.


Where to start

If you’re considering purchasing a pocket projector for someone on your list this holiday season, I recommend looking at the Kodak 75 Lumen DLP Pocket Portable Projector. This model offers some great features at a reasonable price point. It’s a great starter pocket projector for anyone who travels. It has USB and MicroSD ports and both HDMI and 3.5mm inputs for content. It also has an internal rechargeable battery eliminating the need for wires and outlets.


Even better, the Kodak Pocket Projector is simple to use right out of the box with easy plug and play operation. It’s compatible with today’s most popular entertainment devices easily connecting with PCs, Macs, and gaming consoles.


By Mike Agerbo

November 27, 2018