The New Roku Streaming Stick

Earlier this month Roku announced a new model of its compact streaming system, the Roku Streaming Stick. Initially introduced in 2014, the device gave consumers another great option for a cost effective streaming solution. Building on its already fantastic 2014 model, Roku has now announced a faster stick with an updated OS.


Lightning Fast

The new Roku Stick’s most notable improvement is its speed. The Stick boasts 8X more processing power than its predecessor thanks to its quad-core processor. For many users, processing power might sound like a very abstract term but what more processing power really means is a better experience. The new Roku Stick is more responsive, boots faster, and navigates menus more smoothly than the previous version. It also means that it handles streaming better.


Despite its increased power, the new Roku Stick is smaller than the 2014 version. It tucks neatly behind your television, making it a sleek new addition to any home media centre.


Remote Control & App

While similar streaming sticks, like Google’s Chromecast, use mobile apps in place of dedicated remote controls, the Roku stick comes with a fully featured remote. This makes it a great option for those who prefer a dedicated remote. Unlike the Roku 3 box, however, this remote lacks a private listening headphone jack and a voice search microphone. If you like the idea of private listening and voice search, fear not the Roku Stick still offers these features through an app. The headphone feature also supports Bluetooth, allowing you to pair headphone with your mobile device.


Roku OS Updates

Along with the new device, Roku announced an update to its operating system. Roku OS 7.1 features enhanced search functions that enable users to find popular TV shows and movies in one place. The “Popular Movies” and “Popular TV Shows” categories refresh four times a day, making it easier to find what you’re looking for without having to look through all of the platform’s channels. The OS compiles this information based on what other users are searching for and watching.


A Roku Stick is All You Need

Although there are a number of other, more expensive streaming options on the market, the Roku Stick is all most users will need to enjoy great streaming. Its impressive processing power, dedicated remote control, enhanced search functions, and features such as private listening make it a front-runner in my books. What’s more, coming in at just $60 the pricetag on this device is unbeatable.


The new Roku Stick will be available later this month. Keep an eye on for your chance to pick one up.

By Mike Agerbo

April 26, 2016