Tech Up Your Desktop: Tools to Make the Most of Your Space

We spend a lot of time at our desks and technology plays a big role in getting our work done, so it’s important to make sure you have enough power and outlets to keep all your devices powered and charging.

One thing we can never have enough of these days is USB ports. Everything from our smartphones, cameras and even our wireless mice and keyboards need to eventually plug in and get those batteries topped up.

Consider getting a powered USB hub for both charging those accessories and devices but also for interfacing with your computer to download photos, apply firmware updates, etc. When choosing a potential hub, look at what devices and accessories you currently have and ensure the hub is capable of delivering enough power for some of those high draw devices. Many new devices are also using the USB-C standard so look for hubs with ports for both the traditional USB 2 or 3 and C formats to make things easier for future upgrades.

Speaking of power, why not go wireless for those charging needs if your device supports it. Most current generation smartphones have the ability to just place the device onto a pad or stand that can charge the device without the need to plug it in. You still have to plug in the pad/stand (so you’ll still need those USB ports mentioned earlier) but at least you can come to your desk, place your phone down and get to work while charging it up. When you need to head out, just grab and go your smartphone without any wires to slow you down.

If you’ve got a laptop, consider a docking station for all those cables to stay connected to your monitors, mice, keyboards, etc. – this will let you just plug one cable into your laptop (depending on the brand of laptop and docking station) and in some cases (again depending on your laptop), you can even just connect the laptop directly to the dock without needing to plug anything in and everything will be connected and available. These docks often feature additional ports and options like headphone jacks, memory card readers and digital audio outputs.

There are a plethora of fun and useful USB accessories out there now to make your time in front of the computer more comfortable and even enjoyable. Everything from cooling fans to coffee mug warmers can be found that just need power from a USB port. Add an essential oil diffuser without taking up a wall plug.

By Mike Agerbo

October 13, 2019