Taking the Leap

By: Marlo Brausse
Owner & CEO, Barre Body Studio

At some point or another we all question - is this it? Is this how my life is stacked up to be, become or unfold? We question this because we are curious, but also because of a deep-rooted understanding that we have a choice. Accept and enjoy or deny and discover.

To accept and enjoy life as it is and how it has unfolded is a great place to be. Living in balance and in control of the day to day experiences has many upsides for ourselves and the people in it. Having certainty that today will be similar as yesterday and so on brings comfort and allows for life to unfold at a calm and steady pace. There is so much purpose and value in a life of acceptance. On the other hand, many of us feel a push to live outside of those comfort zones and have a strong desire to explore, discover and run towards a life on our own terms. A life where you experience things that you created, developed, nurtured and made a reality. A life of entrepreneurism with sleepless nights, uncertainty, long hours, and unwavering dedication. Taking the leap from working for someone else to working for yourself.

For many of us this deep-rooted calling was inside of us from a very young age. The calling or knowing that living life on your own terms was and is possible. For some of us it comes later in life, as it did for myself, when my everyday life was no longer something that I wanted to experience day after day. Can you relate? When your passion fills your soul to the point of spilling over and you know deep down that it is time to take the leap; don’t hesitate. Plan and prepare, but don’t hesitate to get started. Share your passion with others but most importantly, give that gift to yourself. The gift of trying, exploring, discovering and experiencing life on your own terms.

Is it scary? Yes. It is right for everyone? No. But what I will say is this - if you have a burning desire, ie: raging fire, inside of you to live life on your own terms, to share your passion with the world, to make changes in your own life and the lives of others, and to push boundaries of your own expectations then take the leap. Take the leap and dare to dream. If your passion is strong and your purpose is one that connects with others then I have no doubt that it will be a rewarding and life changing experience for you. Trust your decision, work hard and open your life up to new possibilities. The world is waiting for you.

About the author: Marlo Brausse is owner and CEO of Calgary-based Barre Body Studio. She was a finalist for the Staples Start-Up Award at the 2017 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. You can follow Marlo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by searching @BarreBodyStudio.

By Staples

February 12, 2018