3 Surprising Must-Haves for Every Home Office

Setting up a home office seems pretty straightforward: desk, computer, phone. But if you’re just started with your home office, or you’re looking to make your existing space more productive, you may find these three home office must-haves surprising.

Adjustable Standing Desk

There’s a lot of back and forth around if sitting at work is better for your health than standing. Researchers often suggest conducting meeting and conference calls while standing because it helps to keep everyone more focused and productive. Meanwhile, if you have back problems, UCLA suggests sitting only when you need to focus and everything you need is within easy reach. The point is, it really depends on what you’re doing and your own biology. Which is what makes an adjustable standing desk a must-have for your home office. While there are desks designed to move up and down as needed, options that sit on top of tables or existing desks, like the Rocelco ADR, are very popular because you can use them in practically any office configuration.

Mesh Wi-Fi System

If you have a home office, chances are your business relies on your ability to access the internet. While traditional Wi-Fi routers and extenders are appropriate for home use, once you start relying on your access to help your business, you don’t want to pin the success of your business on a basic setup. Instead, a mesh Wi-Fi system can blanket your home with reliable Wi-Fi, even if your home is made up of dense concrete or brick walls that otherwise inhibit a Wi-Fi signal. So whether you’re sharing your screen at your desk, or uploading files from your kitchen, a mesh Wi-Fi system, like the top-rated Netgear Orbi System, will drastically improve your ability to get and stay online.

A Big Calendar

Your business runs on deadlines and your ability to plan and meet these deadlines will make or break it. Don’t leave important due dates and projects hidden in your online calendar. Having a snapshot of what you’re working towards will constantly remind you of where to invest your limited time. So a big Blueline 2018 Yearly Wall Calendar is a must-have item for every office.

A home office needs to be productive for you, so test new layouts and tools to come up with your own list of must-haves for your home office.  

By Andrew Patricio

January 15, 2018