Summer of Sound: Best Audio Deals of 2018

There’s no question that music is a key ingredient in summer fun. Think about it: when the sun is shining and you don your favourite pair of shorts don’t you have the urge to open all the windows in your home or car and turn up the volume on some of your favourite tunes? Summer camping trips, road trips and backyard BBQs all need soundtracks. To help you turn up the volume on those soundtracks Staples is having a big sound event, offering savings on some fantastic speakers, headphones, and earbuds. Here are a few that are worth a look if you need new gear for your summer soundtrack:


Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a summer essential, allowing you to connect your smartphone or other device wirelessly. Over the years the sound quality and functionality built into these speakers has improved and many are even waterproof now, making them ideal for summer adventures. The UE WonderBoom Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is one model that is not only waterproof but also delivers great sound in a small, portable form factor. Best of all, it’s currently priced at just $99.99!


Wireless Headphones

For times when you need to keep your music to yourself, like at the office, on a plane, or on transit, a pair of headphones is essential. Though they tend to be a little pricier, I recommend going with a wireless pair. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make to be free to move around without wires keeping you tethered to your device or getting in your way.


If you’re in the market for a pair of wireless headphones you can’t go wrong with the Beats Studio3, Beats flagship headphone. Since these are pricey, now is a great time to pick up a pair at just $329.99 versus their regular price of $399.99.



While headphones are great for the office or morning commute on transit I prefer a pair of earbuds in some situations, like when I’m working out for example. The advantages of earbuds are that they’re lighter and much more compact to carry and wear. Traditionally, earbuds haven’t been able to compete when it comes to sound quality but that’s changed in recent years with several brands making earbuds that offer great sound. A pair that I really like both for their comfort and sound quality is the Beats PowerBeats3. These not only deliver great sound but they’re also wireless, making them extra comfy and practical for a run or cycle. Again, these are pricey so now is a great time to pick up a pair at just $199.99.


For the Kids

If you don’t share your kids taste in music, headphones are a great compromise allowing them to listen to their favourite tunes while you enjoy yours. However, especially with younger kids, it’s important to ensure that they’re listening to audio at a safe volume. That might be easy to do when you’re all listening to something but once they have a pair of headphones on, it might be trickier to discern if the volume is at a safe level. That’s why I recommend investing in a pair of kid-safe headphones like the Puro Sound Labs Kids Wireless Headphones, currently just $99.99. These limit volume to a safe level and balance bass and vocal highs, protecting kids’ hearing.


With these devices in hand, you’re all set to turn up the volume on your favourite summer tunes.

By Mike Agerbo

June 19, 2018