Stress Relief and the Benefits of Colouring for Parents and Teachers

The new school year comes packed with excitement for students, teachers and parents alike. As everyone gets ready in anticipation of September and heading back to school, that same anticipation carries with it mixed emotions. Whether you're a parent preparing to send your child to their first day of kindergarten, or saying goodbye to your teenager as they go off to college, the changes that occur can be overwhelming and emotional.

Finding time to de-stress can be hard during this time, so it's important to do whatever you can to set aside some 'me time' to decompress. Colouring can be an easy, innovative and cost-effective way to take a break and relax. Yes, colouring!

The benefits of colouring have been identified as therapeutic and a form of meditation. It provides the brain with an opportunity to relax, giving you the feeling of serenity. On a deeper, professional scale, colouring has been used by mental health professionals to bring out and resolve many stress-related issues, and can be a serious tool in effectively resolving problems. At a minimum, it can help you kick up your feet and take a minute to take your mind off everything on your plate, and only think about staying in between the lines when filling in a picture, object or pattern.

Adult colouring books are filled with additional benefits besides relaxation. Taking a 10 or 15-minute break from a busy, always-on-the-go schedule to colour can have big results. Teachers are constantly helping students express themselves through art and the written word. Colouring allows them to experience self-expression on a personal level as well.

Intricate details and designs help with focus and concentration. A teacher, for example, can lose focus through the constant pressure to grade, review presentations and projects, or reading over homework before bedtime. Colouring can help enhance their ability to hone in on details and focus, in a refreshing way that is personal and enjoyable. It's all in the details - so it's important to choose pencil crayons and books that allow for precision, in order to fully reap the therapeutic benefits of this activity.

Picking up an adult colouring book can also be a special time to bond with your kids. Colouring while they are busy doing their nightly homework can help you spend more time around them, even if everyone is doing independent things. It can create a sense of unity, and working collectively in a serene environment.

This trend of adult colouring books has taken flight in the past few years, with hundreds of choices to pick from. There is no shortage of material and supplies for every taste and preference. Staples has a sizeable variety to choose from, with options from Crayola, Artzone and Animorphia to meet everyone's needs.

Or, enjoy these free printable binder covers(inspired by adult colouring), a great summer activity for the kids to help them prepare for back to school, or a perfect first week of school classroom activity.

Time to add a little colour to your life!

By Michelle Janzso

July 12, 2016

Staples Canada