How to Stop Procrastinating Now

There is no shortage of work when running a small business. So it’s easy to put off the tasks you should do while still feeling like you’re working. So how do you stop putting off the important tasks that will drive value for your business? Here are a few strategies to try now.

Start Hard

The start of your work day is often when you have the most energy, enthusiasm and patience; perfect for tackling that project you’ve been putting off. Do it first thing in your day and don’t stop until you’ve completed it. The easy stuff will get done regardless because it’s easy so there is little harm in pushing the easy stuff until the end of the day.

Partner Up

When you’re the boss or working for yourself, it’s too easy to push out a deadline because you have no one else to answer to except yourself. So consider getting a partner who will hold you accountable. Whether it’s a writing partner who you promise five pages every day, or a freelancer who can’t do their work until you’ve done yours, a partner is often a sure-fire way to kick the procrastination habit.

Time It

If you’re procrastinating because you really don’t like the task, give yourself a finite time to work on it. If you don’t finish it in the allotted time, pick it back up for a set time tomorrow. So if you hate balancing the books every week, sit down with them first thing Monday morning, but set an alarm for 90 minutes, for example, and when the alarm goes off, stop working on it. This way, you can be reassured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Give In

If you’re putting off work because you’re thinking about all the other things you have to do, sometimes you’ll save time and anxiety by simply accepting the distractions. Write down the thoughts that are haunting you and it may be enough to clear your head. But if not, do one of the distractors before starting on the main task at hand.

There’s always something to keep you busy when you’re running a small business. But some tasks are more important than others. Using some or all of these strategies to stop procrastinating should help you focus on what drives your business, not what drives you crazy.  

By Andrew Patricio

February 08, 2017