Star Wars Christmas: The Best Christmas Gifts for Fans

For Star Wars fans, there is an endless number of gifts out there. With all this Star Wars paraphernalia available to us, it can be difficult to decide which items will make the best gifts. As a Star Wars fan myself, here are a few great gifts I recommend for fans across all ages:


1. Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Last Jedi Figurines

Price: $13.99


Funko Pop! figurines cover all aspects of pop culture and Star Wars is no exception. These figurines are suitable for everyone: from kids as young as three to adults. They’re perfect for those who love collectibles or as a single item for anyone with a favourite Star Wars character. The line features all the characters from this year’s installment of Star Wars; even the Porgs are represented!


2. Star Wars Collector’s Edition Battling Drones

Price: $199.99


With drones becoming more popular, it’s no surprise that a line of collectible Star Wars drones are available. The Star Wars Collector’s Edition line of battling drones features an X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Speeder Bike. These toy drones are controlled using a mobile app that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. Although these drones can reach speeds of 35km, they have three speed settings, making them suitable for pilots of all skill levels.



3. Star Wars Episode VII BB-8 Volume Reduced Headphones

Price: $29.34


For younger fans of the Star Wars franchise, volume reduced BB-8 headphones make a fantastic gift. These headphones maintain kid-friendly sound levels, protecting little ones’ hearing. They also feature an adjustable padded headband and soft, comfy ear cups. Best of all, they have fun character graphics that any kid would be excited about.


4. Star Wars Battlefront II for XBox or PlayStation

Price: $79.99


Finally, Star Wars fans who also enjoy gaming will love finding the new Star Wars Battlefront II for XBox or Playstaion under the tree this year. This game just launched last month so it’s the perfect time to pick it up as a gift. It has five multiplayer modes and a single-player mode featuring a story spanning thirty years.


What will you pick up for the Star Wars fan in your life this Christmas?

By Mike Agerbo

December 05, 2017