Protect Your New PC and Save During Back to School with EasyCare Plus Plans

Buying a new computer or tablet is a big investment and once you’ve settled into a new device, you can quickly become dependent on it. That’s why I always recommend looking into warranty and service plan options when you purchase a new device. These plans build a little extra protection into your purchase, giving you peace of mind. These days, many retailers bundle these plans with set-up options that are designed to make setting up a brand new device simple and efficient. While I do recommend at least exploring these plans, not all of them are created equal and it can be difficult to know whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck with these intangible products. Luckily, many retailers offer discounts on these plans at key times of the year, like Back to School.


With parents rushing out to purchase new devices for students before they head back to school, this is a great time of year to take advantage of a number of discounts, including those on set-up, warranty, and service plan bundles. For example, Staples is currently offering some great deals on EasyCare Plus bundles for students, professionals, and families. These bundles are available for new PC purchases at all Staples locations. Here’s what you can expect to see with these bundles throughout the Back to School shopping period, July 31st through September 19th:


Student Bundle

The student bundle will arguably be the most popular bundle at this time and it’s a good thing because it’s jam packed with great features. For starters, this bundle comes with a on-year extended service plan with accidental coverage. This covers one-time virus removal, electrical failures, one-time battery replacement for laptops, RAM failures, and coverage for accidents like drops and spills.


Next, Microsoft Office is included in these plans. Here you can choose from a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 or a perpetual license the Home & Student version of the software.


A customization option is also included in this plan and options include data migration from an old device to the new one, 30-day access to the Staples Online Learning Centre, a one-year subscription to F-Secure VPN with 50GB Staples Cloud backup, a one-year visrus-free guarantee, Malwarebytes protection against online threats, one year of 100GB Staples Online Cloud Backup, or a 15-minute one-on-one tutorial with a Staples expert.


Finally, this plan includes a license for Norton Security, which is essential for protecting your devices from viruses and other threats.


During Back to School, all of this is available starting at $199.99. The exact cost will depend on the value of your new device and which version of Microsoft Office you choose. That being said, the savings on this bundle during Back to School range from $56 to $120 and you can’t go wrong with savings like that! Especially since this is a time when parents are investing a lot in school supplies and new clothes for the school year.


Professional Bundle

Pros are also benefiting from Back to School with savings on Professional Bundles. This bundle includes the same one-year extended services plan with accidental coverage and the same options for a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 or a perpetual license for Microsoft Office Home & Student.


When it comes to customization, this bundle offers all of the same customization options except F-Secure VPN. Not to worry though, F-Secure is still available with this bundle but here you can select it as part of your antivirus software selection, which includes Norton Security.


The cost of this bundle starts at $219.99. Again the precise cost will depend on the value of your device and your choice of Microsoft Office product. The savings during Back to School on this bundle range from $56.50 to $120. Again, a great deal for added protection and some fantastic software.


Family Bundle

Finally, families will also benefit at Staples during Back to School with discounts on the Family Bundle. When purchased with a new computer, this bundle offers the same one-year extended service plan with accidental coverage mentioned in the Student and Professional Bundles. When it comes to Microsoft Office, you have the option of a one-year subscription or perpetual license but here, you’ll get five users instead of just one.


Customization options for this bundle are identical to those offered as part of the Student Bundle. There are, however, more options for antivirus protection with the Family Bundle. Options include Kaspersky Internet Security for three devices, Norton Security Premium for ten devices, and McAfee Total Protection for ten devices.


Starting at $262.99 and offering savings ranging from $72.50 to $137 during Back to School, this bundle offers fantastic value for families because it protects the newly purchased device while making valuable software available to other devices in the household.


While these bundles are great for PC purchases during Back to School, you might be in the market for a Mac or tablet this year. Fear not! Staples has you covered with bundles for these devices too—I’ll cover them in the coming days.

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By Mike Agerbo

August 01, 2017