Protect Your New Apple Device and Save During Back to School with EasyCare Plus Plans

Over the past week, I’ve written a couple of posts about protection plans for computers and tablets. These plans offer great protection, valuable software and basic configuration for new devices. During Back to School, Staples is offering significant savings on these plans. However, the plans I’ve written about so far don’t cover Apple devices like the MacBook and iPad. Though they’re a little different from the PC and tablet protection plans I’ve covered for other devices, the plans for Apple devices also offer great value, especially during Back to School. Here’s what you can expect from these plans:


MacBook Bundle

MacBooks are powerful, sturdy devices but like other technology they can malfunction. Apple’s protection plan, AppleCare provides the best coverage for MacBooks and is offered with the MacBook Bundle. This gives you global repair coverage, both parts and labour, for two years after the standard 1-year warranty. It also includes 24/7 tech support online or over the phone.


Similar to the PC bundles I covered this past week, the MacBook Bundle comes with Microsoft Office software installation. In this case, it’s Microsoft Office Personal, which is a perpetual version of the software. Along with the installation of Microsoft Office, configuration of the MacBook to your specific needs is included.


From July 31st through September 19th, this bundle is available on MacBooks under 15 inches at all Staples Canada stores for $349, offering savings of $58.


iPad Bundle

An iPad Bundle is also available to provide protection for new iPad purchases. This bundle includes AppleCare+ and extends the one-year warranty on iPad devices to two-years. It also covers two incidents of accidental damage to your device over the two years. Like the MacBook Bundle, this coverage includes 24/7 tech support both online or over the phone.


Since tablet screens have little protection from bumps and scratches, the iPad Bundle includes the application of LiquidArmor scratch-resistant screen protector.


Finally, the iPad Bundle includes the configuration of your new device to your specific needs. If you’re new to using an iPad, this should help you ease into your new device.


The iPad Bundle is available for $145 during Back to School, which offers a savings of $28.

By Mike Agerbo

August 07, 2017