Organization is key in starting the school year on the right foot

As summer comes to an end, students from kindergarten to university will anxiously be waiting for the school year to begin. They will pack their backpacks, pencil cases and gym bags with all the latest and greatest school supplies that were on this years “to-buy” list. But as the weeks go on and everyone gets back into their regular routines, erasers will vanish, pens will start to disappear, gym clothes will mysteriously go missing and a pack of pencil crayons will shrink from 12 to 3.

So, before you have to do a second round of school supply shopping before Thanksgiving, get organized with easy to create solutions from Staples Print & Marketing Services. With a wide assortment of custom print solutions, parents, teachers and students are covered when it comes to back-to-school.

Personalized labels for their favourite things
Do your child’s gym shoes tend to walk away on their own? Consider custom, quality labels that can stick on to supplies, clothing, lunch containers, and anything else you can think of with new MyMojis™ Durable Labels. MyMojis™ allow you to take a photo of your kids and create a one-of-a-kind label that looks like them in emoji form. Have a blast designing your child's likeness by selecting from a variety of facial features, hair styles and outfits. And now, with several fun shapes and designs to choose from, you'll be sure to create a one-of-a-kind label that's unique as them! These labels are waterproof, microwave and freezer safe, no scuffing or tearing.


Custom classroom products
It’s the most wonderful time of year to get your classroom ready and organized for the year ahead with custom products. Looking for the perfect planner? Consider a creating your own with a Teacher Planner from Print & Marketing Services – it’s 100% customizable and can include monthly and daily calendars, lesson planning sections, to do lists, note pages, staff meetings, grading sheets and more.

Love labelling? Print & Marketing also has custom, quality labels to help you stay organized and get back to school ready in style. Mix and match from more than 30 back-to-school designs that best fit your style, and customize them with any message, font, or size.

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By Michelle Janzso

July 05, 2018

Staples Canada