Office Furniture that Does Double Duty in Your Home Office

Having a home office may mean trying to squeeze a lot into a small space or, more often, a mixed-use space. Last month we went through a few favourite space-savers, but another strategy to maximizing a small home office is to invest in office furniture that does double duty.

Chair & Bed

Many of us with a home office use the space as a guest room on occasion. While a sleeper sofa may be too large or too heavy, a sleeper chair, or sleeper ottoman will fit in a tight corner where you can read and write in the office, and sleep when you are hosting friends and family.

Bookshelf & Room Divider

If your home office is tucked in a corner of a larger room, use furniture to delineate each space. And the best way to do that is with stylish shelves that are open from both sides. Depending on your personal style, a half, step-shelf will add visual interest and functionality.

Whiteboard & Projector Screen

How often do you need to present to a client in your home office? Probably not often, but you may find yourself in need of a clean surface on which to project. In which case, skip installing a projector screen you rarely use and consider using your whiteboard to perform double duty. Or better yet, get a magnetic whiteboard that will allow you to project on a clean surface and write or hang notes on the projection right on the board, making for a more collaborative meeting.

Floating Shelf & Drawer

Going up is a great way to save space so you probably already have hanging or floating shelves. But to maximize your space even more, find or build floating shelves that are also drawers. Not only will you save space, but you’ll impress anyone who comes to visit. Or, if your home office doubles as a guest room, you can use these secret compartments to store sensitive information or fragile pieces away from children and nosey in-laws.

Finding space for a home office doesn’t have to be challenging with space-saving products and furniture that does double duty.

By Andrew Patricio

March 05, 2018