Now's the Time to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In the business world, the holidays start months ahead of the actual festivities. Companies need to prepare in advance to launch campaigns and drive the influx of shoppers to their business. Even if you haven’t started to take down the holiday boxes from the shelves in your garage at home, it’s time to start putting together your Black Friday and Cyber Monday initiatives for your business.

Not sure where to start? We have you covered. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your holiday promotions.

Ad Copy

‘Tis the season for retailers to push their product on consumers who are eagerly hunting for the perfect gifts to give and the best deals in the market. That means that in order for your ads to resonate, you need to mix up the messages you’re sending and tap into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumer mindset.

While you’re brainstorming a new approach for getting attention from consumers this holiday season, be sure to focus on keywords, such as “deals,” “savings,” and of course “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.” Consumers have a laser focus this time of year on specials that’ll save their already tight budgets.

Be sure that as you schedule these ads, you do so for a short period of time. Running Black Friday and Cyber Monday commercials after the days themselves have past will cost you money because consumers won’t click after the deal has passed.

Tap Into Mobile Device User Behaviors

Fewer consumers want to battle crowds on Black Friday. Today, more buyers want to sleep in and get Black Friday deals by shopping on their smartphones in their pajamas. That means they’re more likely to be firing up their mobile device than a computer.

This is important consumer behavior to consider as you decide where to put your ad spend this holiday season. It just might make sense for you to increase your budget in these areas appropriately to account for the influx of mobile shoppers.

Add Critical Details

Many holiday shoppers aren’t shopping for themselves—they’re shopping for the perfect gift to give. And in most cases, those gifts might be exchanged or returned if the recipient doesn’t love it. That’s particularly true for size-dependent items, such as clothes or shoes.

While you’re planning your campaigns, think also about the information buyers need to have to gain confidence in their purchase. Include information, such as your return policy, clearly on your website. Doing so could be the difference between a consumer buying from you and buying from a competitor.

Happy Holidays!

It might feel like it’s too early to read Happy Holidays, but for businesses, the holiday season has arrived. Now is the time to start planning so that when consumers show up and are ready to buy, you’re front, center, and top of mind.


By Andrew Patricio

September 10, 2018