Make the Most out of Your Summer With These Time Saving Hacks

Summer is almost here and if you have ambitious plans to have the best season ever, you’re going to need these time-saving hacks to help you maximize your time at work and at home. Then you can get out there and check off everything on your summer to-do list.

Route Incoming Emails

If you have a general email address for your small business that looks something like [email protected], you likely get the same questions over and over again. Save time by creating, or expanding, your FAQs. Then, set up an automated response that links people to your FAQs. You’ll be surprised how often directing people to FAQs will work and help you spend time on what matters.

Schedule All The Messages

Not only should you be scheduling your social posts but you can, and should, be scheduling your incoming and outgoing emails. Applications like Boomerang allow you to decide when to send and receive Gmail messages. It’s a great tool if you’re always working your inbox, rather than working your tasklist.

Automate Shopping

A subscription service is a great way to save time on meals, water filters, even clothing. And the Staples Easy Reorder feature allows you to reorder the items you use most, like ink and paper, with a push of a button.

Block & Tackle

To be sure you accomplish all your summer goals, focus on what’s important, not necessarily what’s due. That can be difficult with the phone ringing off the hook, you have 1,287 unopened emails in your inbox, and a home to-do list a mile long. But working on what’s important is the discipline you need to stay focused on what matters. So schedule several meetings each week to block off time where you can myopically focus on what matters most to your business.


Creating templates will save you and your team hours each day. Take the time this month to create simple templates for blog posts, social banners, even email responses, so you can easily modify each with a few clicks, rather than creating something from scratch.

A few of these time-saving hacks will help you and your small business get the most out of this summer!

By Andrew Patricio

May 10, 2017