Make Q4 the Best of Year with These Marketing Hacks

Though we’re still in the midst of summer, now’s the time to start planning for your fourth quarter sales season. With the potential to significantly increase revenues during the holiday season, why wouldn’t you put the effort forth to ensure that it’s a success?

Look at What Worked Last Year (and What Didn’t)

Historic sales and marketing data can be tremendously helpful in guiding your marketing strategy for this year.

If your Black Friday promotions saw a great deal of sales but maybe your Facebook ads campaign didn’t, that can help you decide what to focus on this year in terms of marketing and advertising.

Create a Q4 Budget

Just like any marketing campaign, you’ll need a budget for everything you do in the final months of the year to attract new business. You may want to increase spending on social media ads or email blasts. You’ll need more inventory and more staff. Creating your budget now ensures there aren’t any surprises later and that you can afford to fully maximize the shopping season.

Make a Calendar

No sense in waiting until November to get the ball rolling; create a calendar of tasks and deadlines so you can start prepping work now to alleviate the pressure later.

Here are a few things to add to that planning calendar:

  • When to order extra inventory to accommodate an uptick in sales

  • When to hire extra help and train them before the rush

  • When each promotion will go live and end

Prepare Your Staff

Whether they are employees who have worked for you for years or temporary help for the season, train everyone on what to expect for the holidays in terms of there being more customers and more complaints. Make sure they’re well-versed in each promotion so they can help customers save (and spend) more.

Putting a little effort toward Q4 planning now will pave the road for great success when the time comes.

By Andrew Patricio

August 06, 2018