Keep Your House Clean with the Help of Robots

Remember The Jetsons and their household robot Rosie? When I was a kid I remember wishing we had a robot just like her so I could skip my chores. Now as an adult I can finally rely on robots do some of those chores for me. While today’s robots might not boast Rosie’s winning personality, they perform a variety of time consuming tasks. Here are a few robots you might find useful around the house:


1. Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums have been around since the late 90s and they’ve become pretty sophisticated. These devices use sensors to find dirt and pet hair on your floors while sensing obstacles they should avoid. They also automatically adjust to clean different types of surfaces, such as carpets, hardwood floors, and tile. Some of them even feature HEPA filters to trap allergens, helping you maintain a healthier home.


Robot vacuums typically get a couple of hours of battery life out of each charge, automatically returning to their charging stations to recharge.


2. Mopping Robot

Like robot vacuums, mopping robots are designed to help you clean your floors but they focus on hard floors such as tile and hardwood with the help of cleaning pads and water tanks. You can expect similar battery life on these devices as you might see on a robot vacuum.


3. Window Cleaning Robot

With window cleaning being not only time consuming but also dangerous, perhaps the most interesting robots available on the market are window-cleaning robots. Using powerful suction, these little devices can remain firmly attached to either the inside or the outside of your windows. Once attached, a window-cleaning robot uses sensors to determine the size and shape of the window and determines the most efficient cleaning path. Some even come with remotes, allowing you to control them from afar. These robots can clean windows of any size, shape, or thickness.


While robots can certainly make your chores a whole lot easier, they won’t take care of everything. When it comes to vacuum and mopping robots, it’s important to maintain them by cleaning out dust compartments, refilling water tanks, and changing cleaning pads. You’ll also find that you’ll need an upright or canister vacuum for larger debris and a traditional mop for especially grimy dirt.


Depending on your needs and the surfaces you’re planning to clean, it’s important to do your research and make sure you purchase a product that will meet your needs.


By Mike Agerbo

May 02, 2017