Keep Your Desk Clutter Free

Kids are back to school and many of us coming out of our summer haze and getting down to business at work. With all the tech items and office or school supplies we all need, desks can get pretty cluttered making it difficult to get any work done. Luckily there are a number of accessories that can help keep things organized and clutter-free so you can stay productive. Here are a few ways to keep you or your kid’s desk clutter-free:


1. Cable Management

With power cords, speaker cables, Ethernet cables and cables connecting peripherals things can get messy fast. Cable management tools can bring order to all this chaos by keeping cables together and routed to where they need to go. A great affordable all around solution to cable chaos is a cable management kit, which includes a variety of ties and wraps. Another option is to use cable drops, which stick to any surface and grasp cables.


2. Monitor Solutions

Monitors are essential but they tend to take up quite a bit of real estate. You can get your monitor off your desk and get that real estate back using a monitor arm. As an added bonus, this arm allows you to swivel and tilt your monitor. Another way to get your monitor off your desk is to invest in an adjustable stand up desk converter. This lifts your monitor or laptop to standing height, allowing you to use the desk space below more efficiently.


3. Desk Solutions

If floor space is your issue and it’s impossible to get a proper desk set up for you or your child, a floating desk is your best bet. This keeps your workspace off the kitchen table and other common spaces. Combined with effective cable management and a few storage boxes, a floating desk can become a very functional workspace.


With these solutions, you should be equipped to declutter any workspace, whether it’s yours or your child’s. They’re also great solutions for dorm rooms.


Do you have any other tools or strategies for decluttering your desk? Tell us in the comments below.

By Mike Agerbo

September 12, 2017