It’s All in the Fingers: 5 Biometric Devices to Make Your Life Easier

In recent years, we’ve become accustomed to unlocking devices such as tablets and smartphones using little more than a touch. Biometric technology has made this possible by quickly scanning and recognizing individual fingerprints allowing us to unlock our devices quickly and without having to enter a passcode. While we’re used to seeing this technology on mobile devices, it might surprise you to know that a number of other devices are available with fingerprint technology, making them much more secure and easier to access. Here are a few great examples that are sure to make your life easier:


1. Tapplock One Fingerprint Padlock

Price: $149.99


The Tapplock One is a padlock that features a fingerprint pad and sensor, allowing you to easily unlock it while ensuring that anything you lock up is only accessible to you. This is the perfect solution for condo storage lockers, sheds, and even high school lockers. The Tapplock One can store up to 500 different fingerprints so it’s easy to share access. It’s also water and weather resistant, meaning you can use it just about anywhere. While it might seem pricy for a padlock, the convenience and security it offers make it well worth the expense.


Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock

Price: $299.00


Even if you feel that your home is secure, a safe is always a worthwhile investment to help you protect items such as jewelry and emergency cash. If you’re going to invest in a safe, I recommend one with a biometric fingerprint lock. A biometric safe ensures that only people’s whose fingerprints have been programmed into the safe can gain access to your valuables and makes it easy to gain access in a hurry.


iTouchless Bio-Matic Deadbolt Lock

Price: $428.99


Smartlocks have become increasingly popular in the past few years. These devices make it easy to come and go without the need for keys while at the same time making it possible to monitor who has access to your home while you’re away. A lot of smartlocks use smartphone apps, passcodes, and Bluetooth technology to unlock doors but the iTouchless Bio-Matic Deadbolt Lock is a little different. This device features a biometric sensor, allowing authorized individuals to access your home using their fingerprint. This lock can store up to 150 fingerprints and also has a backup pinpad. It’s a great way to ensure that only authorized people can enter your space.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

Price: $199.99


While the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover is a more traditional approach to the fingerprint scan, it’s a great accessory that will help you get the most out of your Surface Pro. While the Surface Pro has fingerprint scanning built into it, you definitely want to invest in type cover to make typing easier and if you’re going to use one, it’s just easier to have the fingerprint scan built into it. It adds an extra layer of convenience that you’ll appreciate down the road.


Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard

Price: $110.76


If you enjoy being able to unlock and access your data using the fingerprint scanner on your mobile devices, the Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard can offer the same features for your desktop computer. Using this keyboard, you can gain access to your computer and any confidential files on it using a swipe of your finger. Just like you would on a mobile device, you can set up the Lenovo Preferred to replace your passwords with fingerprint authentication. Personally, I hate having to enter passwords all the time so this is definitely a great addition to my desktop setup.


Have you come across any great fingerprint or biometric-enabled devices? Tell us about your favourites.

By Mike Agerbo

March 06, 2018