iPads for Everyone

Spring is in the air and so are new iPads! Apple has refreshed both the iPad Air, and the iPad mini with increased power, storage, and better screens. They both now use Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, the same processor that’s used in the new iPhone Xs and iPhone XR. For the iPad Air,  the A12 Bionic yields a 70% performance boost with twice the graphics capability. For the iPad mini the performance is now tripled with 9 times the graphics power! Go mini! You can now also pair them with the first generation Apple Pencil as they both use Apple’s lightning connector. The Pencil takes these iPads to a whole new level; I’ve been using one on my iPad Pro for a few years now, and I can’t live without it. From taking notes, to editing documents, video and pictures, it’s changed the way I’ve used tablets. I actually use my iPad more than my laptop now because of it. I’m excited to see it available for the new models.


The iPad Air fills an interesting niche. It has more power than the regular iPad, along with  many features of the more expensive iPad Pro. It has a larger screen, coming in at 10.5”, and uses True Tone technology which measures the ambient light around you to give you the crispest, best white balanced display on any tablet out there. It also now includes a smart connector, so you can magnetically attach an Apple Smart Keyboard. It’s only been available for the iPad Pro up until this point, so it’s a must have addition. With Apple’s latest iOS, you’ll be able to use handy features, like Split Screen, allowing you to use multiple apps at the same time. You’ll quickly see how it can be a laptop replacement.  It starts at $649 for the Wi-Fi model.


Moving on: finally, a new iPad mini!  Being an uber nerd, I’ve grown my collection of Apple’s tablets over the years, and I have to say the mini would be one of my favourites. With the new refresh, I still get the great 7.9” screen size, but a huge bump in performance and Apple Pencil support. What I love is the size. I’ve always used it for travelling because it’s so light. Now with the Pencil, after I’ve finished watching my movies on the plane, I can jot down some notes, and keep up to date with work while I’m on the go. The base model comes in at $529 for the 64GB wifi version.


With the power these new iPads have, with the Pencil support and half the size/weight of most laptops, you’ll find that you’ll be taking them a lot more places. You’ll be able work on your terms, no matter where you go.

By Mike Agerbo

March 22, 2019