How to Build Trust in Your Business

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to reduce turnover, get more out of your employees, or avoid burnout among your team? If so, you’re battling a root cause of a lack of trust.

When team members don’t trust the business they work for, they’re filled with fear. They worry about the future which means they have one foot out the door. They worry about failing, which means they’re slower to produce quality work. They’re worried about so much that they ultimately fall victim to the overwhelm and feel burnt out.

As we start 2019 use this as your year to solve the root cause of a lack of trust by taking proactive measures to rebuild what’s broken. Here are a few ways you can actively gain the trust of your team this year.

Empower Your Team With Better Communications

When you form deep relationships with your employees, you enable them to relate to you and your business on a deeper level than just showing up for work each day. Take the time to get to know your team by taking them out to lunch or opening the lines of communication.

The louder their voice about everything from the strategy to the daily operations, the more empowered they’ll feel. That empowerment will open the door to trust because team members will feel like they have a direct impact on the success of the business.

Establish a Growth Mindset

When something goes wrong, one of the first things that happens is finger pointing. No one wants to have to shoulder the blame, so they shame others for the failure instead. Researcher, Carol Dweck, claims this is common behavior in organizations with a fixed mindset where people think they don’t have room to grow.

In organizations with a growth mindset, employees are encouraged to try new things, knowing that mistakes are probably going to happen along the way. It’s how they and you react to these mistakes that makes the difference. By encouraging your team to grow personally and professionally, you’re showing that you trust their abilities to learn and prosper.

Show Appreciation

Too often, businesses make decisions based solely on what’s best for the operations on a surface level. These decisions can often diminish how employees feel. Instead of feeling like people with something to contribute to the organization, they feel like cogs in a system. That feeling can quickly turn into distrust causing them to turn away from the organization.

By making people-based decisions, you’re showing that you care more about them than a system. This approach can re-energize a team, inspiring them to produce more and support each other in the process.

Build Trust by Building Up Your Team

In the end, it’s all about building up the people on your team who contribute to your overall success. The more you can uphold your commitments, the more your team will trust in you and your organization.  


By Andrew Patricio

January 14, 2019