Gift Ideas for the Side Hustler

With the holidays on the horizon, now’s the time to recognize the MVPs in your life. Understanding what makes them tick is the secret to finding a gift they’ll love (and love YOU for!). Let’s meet the Side Hustler.

Whether they’re chasing financial freedom or funding their #wanderlust (maybe both!) the hardworking Side Hustler is someone who’s always “on.” They’re not waiting for their next big opportunity, they’re chasing it every step of the way.

How to ID them:

The Side Hustler is easily recognizable, thanks to their go-go energy and unflappable enthusiasm for entrepreneurship — necessary traits for anyone working full-time while building their own small business. Side Hustlers love dusting off their elevator pitch, so you’ll be sure to hear about their start-up, franchise, pop-up or after-hours gig. Side Hustlers are known for their infectious charm, and you may find your own horizons expanded by spending time with these ambitious go-getters.

Natural Habitat:

Instagram, YouTube, Etsy, festivals, markets, community events, small business incubators, networking events, local business groups, the corner table at your local coffee bar or juice bar


According to Statistics Canada, over 1.06 million Canadians held more than one job in 2018, including those working for themselves as freelancers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs.


The Side Hustler’s lifestyle is anything but 9-5. They work long hours and spend time growing their business from home and from their mobile office (ie. their laptop + smartphone). They’re always looking for ways to optimize productivity, while streamlining their routine and shedding extra gear.

Great gift ideas:

Anything that helps your fave Side Hustler stay organized, sales-ready, travel-friendly and/or heavily caffeinated will earn you brownie points. Here are five gifts they’ll love:

  • Backup portable drive: A slim drive that keeps their crucial data backed up, safe and accessible

  • Travel mug: Essential for 3 a.m. work sessions and spill-free commutes

  • Portable charger: Because Side Hustlers always outlast a fully charged battery

  • Tablet: There’s one appropriate for every side-gig, from artist to Zumba instructor!

  • Laptop bag: Gift ’em an upgrade, whether it’s a sleek slipcase or a heavy-duty, event-ready roller bag with storage galore

By Staples Canada

November 12, 2019