Get office-ready for the holidays

By Jaclyn Harper

Shopping for your coworkers can be tricky – especially if you’re known to leave things to the last minute. (It’s not like you’re busy with work or anything!). With that said, I’m here to help you get every colleague on your list something they’ll love this year.


The Organized Colleague

When it comes to someone who likes being organized, why not treat them to a self-made gift basket? Fill it with fun items for their desk that help them stay organized, like colourful sticky notes and highlighters, cute notebooks, a tape dispenser or some new ballpoint pens.  There’s just something about a new ballpoint pen that feels so professional!


The Fashion-Forward Colleague

If you’ve noticed that your coworker is the office trendsetter, I’ve got you covered with a curated list of items they’ll love. First: a new agenda. They’ll be taking this everywhere they go, so I’d advise something neutral. (You know, so it doesn’t take away from their outfit!).  Maybe a caramel leather cover (these are really trendy right now) or something that’s faux marble.



Don’t forget to dress up their desk, too! An essential oil diffuser can help them relax during a busy day, while a fun table lamp shaped like a cactus will keep them on-trend! Or what about a potted plant… with a twist? Eco Cups are small, easy to care for and come in a variety of plants, from basil, lavender and wheat grass, to strawberry and cherry tomato – handy if they need an afternoon snack!

The World Traveller

Is your coworker constantly talking about their next big trip? I can help you get them ready with a few items any world traveler will enjoy. Crisp new luggage tags are an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for the jet setter in your office, who might also like a set of packing cubes to keep their luggage totally organized. Handy silicone travel bottles eliminate packing bulky toiletries and an inflatable neck pillow will help them get that much-needed shuteye on their flight. When they get home, a travel fund piggy bank will help them save up for their next big adventure!

The Caffeine Lover

We all know that one coworker – or maybe two, or three… You know, the one who needs their caffeine fix to get them through the day? While the office coffeemaker might not make the most gourmet brew, a pour-over coffeemaker makes having a delicious cup a breeze. Not a coffee lover? No problem! A tea infuser can keep the caffeine lovers going with a strong cup of Earl Grey or help them de-stress with a calming cup of chamomile.

Jaclyn is a TV host, interior stylist and new mom living in Burlington, Ontario. When Jaclyn’s not on TV or creating beautiful designs, you’ll find her latest projects on her blog From DIYs, design projects to life as a new mom her lifestyle blog and YouTube channel give her fans a peek into her family life.

By Staples

November 13, 2018