Get The Most Out of Your Backyard Patio With These Tech Gadgets

Enjoying cool evenings on my backyard patio is one of my favourite things to do in the summer. To help my family get the most out of this space during the summer months, I’ve invested in a few essential tech accessories over the years. These gadgets help me keep everyone entertained and comfortable. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Outdoor Projection Screen

Keeping teenagers engaged and entertained during family time can be challenging. Getting a projector and outdoor projection screen has made all the difference, allowing us to enjoy movie nights outdoors. In fact, these movie nights have become so popular that my kids’ friends often join us. To make it all possible, I found a portable outdoor projection screen that’s easy to put up and tear down. The Elite Screens Master Projection Screen is a cost effective solution that makes watching movies outdoors very enjoyable. It provides the right surface for projection and makes set-up a breeze.

2. Projector

The Epson Home Cinema 740HD is the perfect companion to the Elite Screens Master Projection Screen. This projector delivers high definition images and impressive brightness. It also has built-in speakers that deliver robust audio, so you don’t have to invest in external speakers. While the size of the image you enjoy will depend on the size of projection screen you decide one, the Epson Home Cinema can project an image up to 300”.

3. Water Resistant Speaker Lantern

There are a lot of great waterproof speakers on the market that are a great choice for outdoor activities, but for my backyard patio I chose a water-resistant speaker with a built-in lantern: the Verbatim 2-in-1 Water Resistant Speaker Lantern. While I can’t leave this speaker out in the rain, the added functionality of the lantern makes this an appealing choice. This speaker offers Bluetooth connectivity so we can play our favourite music wirelessly. It’s also rechargeable, so there’s no need to worry about swapping out batteries.

4. Swatter Zapper

Summer is one of my favourite times of year but it certainly does bring out the bugs. Bug sprays and citronella candles are a couple of ways to keep the bugs at bay but sometimes it can be satisfying to take a more active approach. That’s where The Executioner Swatter Zapper comes in. This little device looks like a mini tennis racket. Swatting bugs while pressing the button on the handle of racket zaps them, making it a great accessory for any backyard.

5. Light Zapper

If you prefer a less active approach to zapping bugs and don’t love citronella or bug sprays, the Zapplight Dual LED Lightbulb & Bug Light Zapper is another great choice. The Zapplight provides LED lighting while blue UV lights attract bugs into the bug-zapping grid. This lightbulb is energy efficient and safe for both indoor and outdoor use. It also lasts for up to 40,000 hours and is easy to clean.

By Mike Agerbo

July 16, 2017