Five Tips To Revamp Your e-Commerce Store This Fall

While the holiday season may be months away, many shoppers like to get a head start on their holiday lists. With holiday shopping starting as early as October, businesses need to begin preparing as soon as possible. At the same time, as peak-season sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday get bigger and bigger, e-Commerce businesses need to ready themselves to meet larger demand volumes of eager shoppers.

To ensure you’re set to meet the requirements of continuous shopping marathons, it is essential to formulate a game plan before shopping season kicks in. By taking the time to restructure your efforts, you can increase your overall revenue by twenty or even forty percent.

To help you immediately and strategically reorganize your plans, Staples Powered By Webware has listed five tips to revamp your e-commerce store this fall and how we can help.

1. Assess and restructure your business plans

While it’s essential to review your performance regularly, the fall season gives you a chance to dive deeper into the numbers (profits and losses) and revisit your business plans. You can use this time to analyze if your business is or isn’t performing the way you expected. Accordingly, you can note what is holding you back and attune your actions to meet your goals for the holidays. If some of your marketing goals aren’t achievable within the time you have left, you can reach out to our team to handle them for you.

With assistance from Staples Powered By Webware, you can ensure your goals are met on-time so your online business can run smoothly. We also offer you informative reports about your website’s performance, which you can use to strategize your efforts to stay ahead of the game.

2. Improve your internal operations

Once you pinpoint the areas of operation that are slowing you down or halting your progress, try to develop solutions to them. For example, if your order fulfillment process takes too long, see if automation can simplify the procedure and speed up packaging and delivery. If you need more staff, fall is the best time to find suitable candidates and train them for the upcoming busy season. In case you require services to boost your business like designing, copywriting, or digital marketing, you can reach out to Staples Powered By Webware in the fall before sales pick up again. Besides your physical operations, we will also help you improve the virtual experience on your website by adding new features and updating your descriptive content during the fall.

3. Revamp your marketing

The slower fall season provides you the opportunity to research new marketing techniques to boost your sales and brand equity. During this time, you can introduce new content to your marketing strategy in the form of useful blogs, videos, and images that draw in potential clients to your website. You can start by writing blogs that add value to your products and services, or you can reach out to us for blog writing assistance. At Staples Powered By Webware, we make it easy to add content to your website in the form of landing pages, blogs, and website pages. We even go the extra mile and provide you with promotional emails and newsletter tools to attract a broader audience to your business.

4. Provide self-service options

Throughout the holiday season, your website traffic is bound to increase. Along with this traffic, your customer inquiries and orders will grow as well. To ensure you are not overburdened with the task of meeting multiple demands in the months leading up to the festive season, it’s crucial to reduce your workload where possible. When it comes to customer questions, you can use the fall months to create an FAQ section specifically for holiday season shoppers. That way, you and your team are not stuck on calls with clients or online chats, and you can use your time appropriately during the busy season.

To ensure your customers receive their orders on-time, you can offer shoppers the option of picking up their packages. By doing this, they’ll get their purchases faster, and you’ll clear your orders quickly. With an e-commerce store designed by Staples Powered By Webware, you can easily include these changes to your delivery policy or have them done for you by our team.

5. Reach out to clients

To ensure you make the most of the holiday season, it is vital to build your client base and keep existing clients engaged. The best way to achieve this is by communicating with your target audience. Social media and email marketing offer a wide range of options to engage with your target prospects through promotions and offers that matter to them. Moreover, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to keep customers engaged. You can host contests to grow your follower base and excite your audience about the sales you have in store. These social platforms offer advertising features as well, which you can take advantage of before the holiday season to ensure your message isn’t lost when the holiday season kicks in.

When you choose  Staples Powered By Webware to tackle your social media needs, you can schedule your promotional content for the holiday season and have it automatically posted on the dates you choose! Our digital marketing solutions also take care of your customer responses for you, so that you can focus on your business.

If you’re looking to upgrade your website or e-commerce store before the holidays, these tips are bound to help you change the game in your favor. However, to guarantee the success of your efforts to stand out and capture your target market, reach out to the marketing experts at Staples Powered By Webware.

With a complete digital marketing tool kit, Staples Powered By Webware enables you to streamline your digital marketing strategies to boost your online presence and enhance your clients’ experience. We help you change the look and feel of your website at the touch of a button, create targeted marketing campaigns, and build engaging social accounts. At the same time, through our array of digital marketing services, your online presence is well-marketed and leveraged to find customers, keep them, and earn referrals. To learn more about our services, please click here, or get in touch with our experts here.

By Staples Canada

October 16, 2019