Five Apps for Back-to-School

Today, students across Canada head back to school and many of them are heading back with their school supplies in hand. If you spent part of your Labour Day weekend shopping for supplies, you can sit back and relax during the first week of school knowing that your kids are all set for the year. However, if you’d like to go one step further in making sure they start the year out right, you might consider working with them to download a few useful mobile apps that will help them stay organized and productive.


1. Evernote

iOS | Andrioid

Available for both Android and iOS, Evernote is the most popular note-taking app, and for good reason. This app not only allows students to take notes, but gives them powerful tools to keep these notes organized. They can set up notebooks to keep notes on specific subjects together, add tags, and create checklists. They’ll also be able to annotate PDFs and save and search handwritten notes. Best of all, they can access Evernote on laptops as well as mobile devices.


Depending on your kid’s needs, you might need to invest in a Plus or Premium subscription to Evernote. Luckily, the Premium version is available at a 50% discount for students.



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Textbooks can be pretty pricey, especially when purchased from school bookstores. Fortunately, online stores like Amazon are a valuable alternative, offering lower prices on books. That makes the Amazon app an essential for university students. The important thing to remember when using Amazon to purchase textbooks is to ensure that you’re purchasing the correct edition of the book.



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Studying isn’t just hard work but it can also be boring for many students. Quizlet is a great little app that can make studying a little easier and a lot more fun. This app allows students to create custom flash cards or use ones created by other students. Images and audio can be added to flashcards, making them more engaging and improving memory recall. When it’s time to study, Quizlet Learn sends students study reminders and adjusts questions to make them easier or more difficult based on study patterns.


Quizlet is a free app on iOS and Android but offers in-app purchases for Ad-Free or Plus plans.



iOS | Android 

When I was a kid, we carried around planners or agendas and wrote down homework, test dates and other pertinent information. These days, kids prefer to keep things digital and that’s where iStudiez comes in. This app allows students to input class schedules, homework, test dates, teachers’ contact information, and grades. This makes all the information they need easily accessible on their mobile and desktop devices. It’s the perfect way to stay organized and track progress throughout the year.


iStudiez is available in two flavours: LITE and Pro. The LITE version is great if your kid is planning on using it just on one device. However, students who want to sync all their data across multiple devices will need to invest $3.99 for the Pro version.



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Although Pocket wasn’t designed strictly for students, I can’t think of a better application for the app. Personally, I use it to save news and articles I’d like to refer back to or don’t have time to read at the moment, and that’s what it was primarily designed for. That being said, it makes the perfect research companion for students writing papers or working on large projects because it lets them save and tag articles so they can easily find them again. Pocket is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices and also offers a browser plug-in for desktop devices, making it easy to save articles anywhere.


With these apps in hand, students can start the new school year out right. Do you have any app recommendations for back-to-school? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

By Mike Agerbo

September 05, 2017