First Day of School Contest: Winners Announced!

From over 600 entries, we have crowned three ‘First Day of School’ story champions. The competition was even stiffer than last year and entries ranged from side-splitting to heart-wrenching with plenty in between. We wish we could award more than just 3 prizes because everyone who submitted did a fantastic job!


Without further ado…


Best Video Entry – Edepippo1

First Day of School Video Winner - Edepippo1

Emma’s story was one that many of us could relate to. It also reminds us that we all have worries on the first day of school and that with great friends, you can overcome anything.

Best Written Entry – Marlene’s “My Son’s First Day of School”

I still get all choked up when I think of my son's first day of school. He was very shy, had his new lunch kit, new clothes, I walked him to the room, we found his name, and he sat down. Then he looked at me and said "you can sit here mommy, beside me, its ok, I'll share my lunch with you." with big tears in his eyes. Broke my heart.


Is someone cutting onions in here? We love the connection between mother and son in this story and that it marks a very big shift in her son’s life, but he’s still looking out for his mom. You raised a good boy, Marlene!


Best Picture Entry – Line S.




It’s tough to sum up all of the emotions from the first day of school in one picture, but this is as close as it gets. So many of us can relate to this moment and for the way it transports us back to our first days, it was crowned the winner.


Congratulations to all of our winners who will be taking home a Canon T3i Prize pack!



Do you still have a story you want to share with us? Email it to ‘[email protected]’ and we could feature it in an upcoming blog post!


By Adam

September 19, 2013