Finding a Fantastic Freelancer

As a small business owner, you have more work to do than hours in the day. And while you may not be ready to take on a new employee, you might consider a freelancer. But how do you find someone who has the skills you need and who you can trust to meet deadlines? Don’t fear! Here’s a quick start guide to finding a fantastic freelancer.

Define Your Needs

Many people make the mistake of asking for help without clearly defining what that help looks like. Don’t be this person! You’ll find the best freelancer when you have a specific project you need them to take the lead in finishing. Or you may have a very well-defined role you need them to play. Whatever you decide, make sure you set clear objectives, timelines, and you know what success looks like in one week, one month, three months, and beyond.

Conduct Multiple Searches

The search for a fantastic freelancer is often the most frustrating because of the time it takes. So consider using a local talent agency or one that specializes in specific skill sets who will pre-screen candidates for you. Many even offer guarantees in the event the relationship doesn’t work out.

In addition, reach out to your network, or alma mater and of course, you should use traditional job sites like Zip Recruiter. Ideally, you’d use several sources to quickly narrow in on a handful of good candidates, one of whom may be your next rock star.

Trust But Verify

You’ve interviewed your top picks and think you have a few favorites. But before you move onto the recruitment, you’re going to want to verify their claims. So ask for samples of their work. Contact one or two of their references. Go to their social media sites. While you won’t get a 100% guarantee, you can reduce your chances of your fantastic freelancer being a flop.

Be Easy to Work With

Good talent is in high demand, and many of the best freelancers have several clients. So to ensure you to get in their rotation and get their best, start with fair compensation and timely payment. Then, find ways to make working on your projects easy. Usually, this is as simple as using Google Docs or Basecamp to manage your freelancer and weekly status meetings to keep things on track. But many times, it’s adjusting to how they work that will ensure your fantastic freelancer delivers!

By Andrew Patricio

February 19, 2018