Discover Custom Holiday Gifts & Savings

Discover Custom Holiday Gifts & Savings

Dive into our Holiday Gift Guide, where finding the perfect present for the loved ones if your life is both easy and enjoyable! This festive season let's go beyond the usual and opt for gifts that truly resonate. Think of the joy a set of custom photo prints can bring, turning their favorite memories into beautiful pieces of art. Or consider a heartfelt card, making your appreciation known in a personal and sincere way. Photo gifts add a special touch turning everyday items into treasures and who wouldn't love a personalized calendar? It's a practical yet creative way to stay connected throughout the coming year. Explore our guide for unique gifts to add a personal touch to your gifting this season, with top recommendations for tech lovers and travel aficionados too.

Photo prints

This holiday season, add a personal and festive touch with photo print gifts. Give the gift of memories with a printed photo album or photo book, turning cherished moments into a beautifully bound narrative. For a special highlight, choose framed photos, complete with mounting accessories, perfect for showcasing that unforgettable snapshot. For something truly unique Panoramic photo prints are a great pick for those spectacular scenic shots, bringing grand vistas right into the home with stunning clarity. And for a fun, nostalgic twist, Fujifilm retro prints turn your camera roll favorites into classic Polaroid-style keepsakes. These photo print options, from albums to quirky retro prints, offer a thoughtful and festive way to celebrate the season, making your holiday gifts both merry and memorable.


In the realm of personalized holiday gifts, custom-designed cards truly stand out. Our cards come in a variety of forms, including elegant labels, heartwarming invitations, or delightful postcards. Available in finishes like matte, glossy, or eco-friendly 100% recycled materials, they cater to every preference. Utilizing tools like Canva, you can create your own unique designs, turning each card into a personal expression of care and creativity. These cards are not just messages; they are artful representations of your affection and thoughtfulness. Offering these as gifts, especially tailored with your personal touch, is an excellent way to spread holiday cheer. They're not only perfect for loved ones but also make exceptional teacher gifts and coworker gifts, adding a warm, personal touch that's sure to be appreciated. Enhance your cards by pairing them with thoughtful accessories like coloured gel pens, planners, or calendars for a practical yet stylish addition.

Photo gifts

The magic of photo gifts lies in their ability to turn ordinary items into extraordinary treasures, each adorned with a personal touch. Picture a morning brightened by a coffee mug featuring a favorite family photo, or a cozy evening wrapped in a blanket that's a collage of sweet moments. Personalized puzzles can add a special twist to family game nights, turning them into a walk down memory lane while fitting together pieces of a beloved memory. Even stockings usually overlooked, become delightful surprises when they showcase familiar smiles or cherished scenes. Additionally, personalized tote bags and travel mugs can be a thoughtful touch. Adorned with their favorite photos, making their journey feel extra special every single day. And let's not forget ornaments, which bring personal charm to holiday decorations for years to come. These photo gifts blend practicality with a personal narrative, making them perfect for everyone in the family. They're especially delightful kids’ gifts, offering a unique addition to their toys, and turning even the simplest of gifts into something truly special and personal.


Calendars, especially when personalized, make for a thoughtful and practical gift. Our selection includes both classic and deluxe styles, each crafted using high-quality 100lb matte paper for a luxurious feel. The key feature is personalization – you have the freedom to choose any photos, turning each month into a showcase of cherished memories. The borderless finish on each page adds a contemporary flair, while the coil binding ensures durability and ease of flipping. These calendars are more than just date keepers; they're personalized galleries of moments and milestones, making them perfect for anyone who loves to blend organization with a personal touch. As the year winds down, these personalized calendars make an excellent travel gift for globetrotters , complementing tech essentials like Kindles,iPads, laptops, and smartphones. They offer a unique balance of practicality and sentimentality, ideal for modern adventurers who cherish their memories as much as their journeys.

As we wrap up our guide to personalized creations for the holidays, remember that each of these gifts offers a special way to share memories. From beautiful photo prints and custom cards to unique photo gifts and bespoke calendars, these options are designed to bring joy and a personal touch to your holiday gifting. If you're looking for more inspiration to find the perfect present that fits both your heart and your budget, visit our Holiday Gifting Center with gift options under $150. This holiday season, let your gifts tell a story of thoughtfulness, creativity, and personal connection. Happy gifting!

By Staples Canada

December 15, 2023