Dancing for Kids: They’ve Got to Move it Move it!

Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean fun, but there’s nothing but delight when it comes to dance! For kids, dancing is one of the easiest ways to teach them not only fancy footwork, but life skills when they’re not even looking.

Here are the top three reasons dance is great for kids!


Any group or duo dance routine requires not only physical coordination, but also the ability to collaborate and coordinate with your troupe or partner. Learning a routine will help kids understand the benefits of teamwork and supporting one another, and can make things easier for everyone. It also helps them learn listening skills, how to follow direction and how to be disciplined, which are all useful tools when it comes to working as a team.


Building self-confidence is a child is important – it gives them the courage to try new things, feel proud of what they can do, and helps them cope when things don’t go their way. Dancing helps teach a child to feel good in their own skin, and learning how strong, flexible and reliable our bodies are is helps give us self-confidence as we grow.


Fitness obviously factors into all physical movement and dance is no different. Creating a regular schedule not only keeps your kids engaged with dance, but provide them with a regular fitness routine — one that improves posture, growth and coordination as well as muscle and cardio strength. It also helps build interpersonal strength and become more comfortable in a social setting.

With positive encouragement, a fitness routine and growing self-confidence, they can dance their way into their future all while having fun!

By Staples Canada

April 03, 2020