Cyber Monday: 5 Ways to Create a Timely Marketing Campaign

Try this number on for size: $256 million. That’s how much Cyber Monday money was spent online shopping in Canada in years gone by. In the US alone, that number reached $7.9 billion in 2018. With the volume of money being thrown around during this time of year, of course, you’d want to up your selling game. The real question is: how? For starters, consider these five tips for creating a timely marketing campaign—applicable for Cyber Monday and beyond.

Strategize in Advance

If your brand equity is lacking, you don’t have the luxury of throwing something up last minute. There’s just too much competition in the marketplace—especially during Cyber Monday when deals are aplenty. In an ideal world, you’ll start planning your campaign months in advance. This could involve a contest, discount codes, or all of the above. Whatever route you take, start thinking through the types of deals that would benefit your bottom line while appealing to new and old customers alike. With all of that being said, planning for timely events is not something every small business has the luxury to afford. If Cyber Monday snuck up on you this year, take the opportunity to experiment with targeted deals to customers as best you can, keep expectations low, and apply the learnings to a larger campaign for next year.

Pay Attention to Trending Topics

Timely and relevant matters. It’s what your customers are talking about—what they’re following. As you’re creating a Cyber Monday campaign, learn from the ghosts of failed promotions past. Then take note of trending topics relative to your brand that could be worth incorporating into your creative. Keep in mind that any trending topic bandwagon you choose to hop on should be tied back to your brand in a relevant way.

Create Unique Assets

We’re not going to tell you to avoid stock photos at all costs. Especially when the cost of photography may not be in your marketing budget this year. If you have a graphic designer on staff, work with them to create campaign assets that feel unique to your brand. If you don’t, pay attention to the copyright agreement for stock photos purchased and modify them to feel more branded. The idea is to be both eye-catching and cohesive with your designs. You want someone scrolling through their newsfeed on mobile to see, understand, and click on your campaign within a matter of seconds (i.e. before their attention ends up elsewhere).

Advertise Ahead of Your Launch Date

Statistics show that 43% of Canadians who intend to shop on Cyber Monday will search for specific brands and do their research online beforehand. More often than not, shoppers already know what they’re looking for come Monday morning. They have a list, they’re checking it twice and hitting the ground running with a credit card in hand. Planning in advance is your best bet. Not only does it give you more time to create a successful campaign, but it also accounts for the time you’ll need to advertise it. Segment your email lists and start by sending targeted messages to your highest-converting customers. Those same lists can also be used for retargeting across social channels and the Google Display Network.

Collaborate with Other Businesses and/or Influencers

When in doubt, use the power in numbers to your advantage. Partner with other local businesses to create a joint contest campaign or multi-use discount code. Using shop local messaging can work to your advantage when up against behemoths like Amazon. Alternatively, research micro-influencers with relevant audiences to partner with in promoting your deals and products leading up to Cyber Monday. The more people pushing your message, the better.

By Staples Canada

November 04, 2019