Cutting the Cord: How to Get Rid of Cable TV

While getting rid of your cable TV service might seem daunting, a lot of Canadians are doing it in response to high cable subscription fees. In fact, 190,000 Canadians cancelled their cable subscriptions in 2015. So how do you get great content without a cable subscription? It’s easier to do than you might think. With the help of one or two easy-to-install devices, you can cut the cord and say goodbye to your triple digit cable bill while enjoying great movies and TV shows. Here are a couple of great, cost-effective options to help you enjoy your favourite content legally.


Option 1: Streaming Device and Service

Your first option if you want to cut the cord is to invest in a streaming device and subscribe to a streaming service. A streaming device connects to the Internet and allows you to watch streaming services. When it comes to streaming devices, you have quite a few options: Apple TV, Roku Streaming Media Player, Roku Stick, and Google Chromecast. If you’re not attached to a specific operating system, I recommend one of the Roku devices. Roku is one of the best overall media streamers and comes in several models. However, if you’re set up in the Google or Apple ecosystems, you might find it easier to go with a device that uses the same operating system: Google Chromecast or Apple TV.


To take full advantage of a streaming device, I recommend subscribing to a streaming service. A streaming service gives you access to a variety of content, including movies, documentaries, and TV shows. Popular streaming services in Canada include Netflix, CraveTV, and Shomi. Which streaming service you choose will depend on your tastes and you might find that you’re interested in more than one. Since there are no contracts and most streaming services provide a one-month free trial, you might even want to try each one out for a month or two before making a decision.


Option 2: HD Antenna

Another option is to invest in an HD antenna. This option allows you to get free TV stations in your area in HD. The number of channels you pick up will depend on your location in relation to the broadcast towers in your area. To optimize the signal you pick up, I recommend placing your antenna in a window that faces broadcast towers.


By Mike Agerbo

May 17, 2016