Customizing and Enhancing the Brand Experience with Product Labels

By: Paige Boersma
Owner and Creative Director, Studio Bicyclette

As the owner of a small creative business, I’m always looking for ways to stand out and add my own signature to the Studio Bicyclette brand experience. Working in a highly-visual industry where the details matters and it all relates back to telling a story, every touchpoint is an opportunity to forge a connection with my customers and to highlight the brand, but I often find myself running into the issue of a small business sized budget that doesn’t necessarily allow me to craft a brand experience or market my offerings in a way that’s as customized as I’d like.

Enter the new Staples product labels.

For a while now, I’ve been searching for a way to customize the add-ons that are part of my Brand it Beautiful e-course. Though the course is delivered and taught online, I also offer printed versions of the signature workmats and notebooks, which are mailed out to students, and this is where the branding details are lacking, as I use standard notebooks and mailing tubes.

When I learned about the new product labels that are available through the Staples Print & Marketing, I saw this as an amazing marketing opportunity to leverage for the course. Opting for the Matte Custom Roll labels, I figured this would be the perfect way to customize the course collateral to enhance the brand experience and further promote the brand.

The experience itself was simple and seamless, allowing me to design and order the labels through and pickup at my local Staples store. I chose the ‘Create Your Own’ option, knowing that I had the artwork designed already, so I simply changed the shape of the labels to an oval in order to accommodate the Brand it Beautiful logo, further customizing the dimensions until it fit to my liking, and uploaded my logo as an image. I was able to then download a PDF proof of my final design prior to placing the order, and that was about it — my order placed after merely a few steps.

At the moment, the primary uses for my labels are on the notebooks I send out and the mailing tubes I use — which is great because students know exactly what it is they’re receiving when the package arrives, adding that extra level of excitement and brand recognition I’ve been striving for. I also envision there being so many other opportunities to use these customized product labels in the future, whether they’re part of a marketing campaign, at in-person workshops that I run, or to brand any new products that I might develop down the line. So to be able to have a stash of branded, ready-to-go labels is invaluable for my business, and just one more way to further enhance the customer experience while helping me meet my business goals.

About the author: Paige is the Owner and Creative Director of Studio Bicyclette, helping boutique businesses and lifestyle brands find their magic, style their brand and tell their story through creative direction, styling, visual storytelling and brand strategy. You can find Studio Bicyclette on Instagram and Pinterest or follow along on the blog.

By Guest Dev

June 04, 2018