Checklist For Great Sales in 2017

If you’re running a small business, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start planning on driving new sales. But we all know sales is a process of generating awareness, creating interest, helping customers make a decision and getting them to purchase. So let’s look at a checklist that will help drive your lead generation and nurturing for great sales in 2017

Build or further refine your ideal target customer profile. Where do they go in person? Online? What are their demographics? Behaviors? The more targeted you can get, the more successful your marketing and outreach will be.

Set your Google Adwords and social media ads to target only the customer profile you built or refined above. This will help ensure you generate as much awareness among your ideal customers as possible.

  • Allocate a larger percentage of your advertising budget to these ads targeting your ideal customer.

  • Create one piece of content for each phase of your sales funnel. For example; plan a guest blog post to help generate awareness, a video to help generate interest, a sales sheet to promote a decision and promotion to get action.

  • Plan new content at least once a quarter.

  • Create social posts for each piece of content including images, which generally generate more views, likes and shares making your social channels more viral.

  • Plan to keep your blog updated and relevant with consistent content. This can be difficult for small businesses. Monthly themes, guest bloggers pulled from your employees, or major holidays can help inspire your blog content calendar.

  • How many subscribers do you want in 2017? Add a lightbox to your website to ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Keep it up until you hit your goal.

  • Plan at least one major email drip campaign to help nurture leads.

  • Develop periodic promotions or offers throughout the year to quickly boost sales. Some small businesses will need just one big offer in 2017 while others will need monthly offers. You know your business so plan accordingly.

  • Allocate a significant percentage of your advertising budget to promote the offers you’re planning above.  

Generating sales for small businesses can be an uphill battle, but with a little planning and a good checklist, you can start the year off right and make 2017 your most successful year yet!

By Andrew Patricio

January 04, 2017