CES for the curious: see how you’ll succeed in 2019!

The Consumer Electronics Show is powering up all across Las Vegas, bringing new and interesting technologies for us to dig into. I’ve been in town since Sunday, getting a sneak peek at some of the cool new stuff that’s on the way, and I’ve have to admit: I’m more excited than ever this year.


Already we’ve seen some really fun new hardware pieces hit the market. As a business owner and content creator I have my eye on some categories that are evolving and growing. First up: bluetooth earpieces are making a comeback! Whether it’s because wireless earbuds have become so popular or that phones are getting bigger (and harder to hold for those long, drawn out conference calls) it’s clear to see that there’s a market for these cool gadgets again.


We got a chance to look at the Jabra Elite 85H and I love it: it has integrated noise filtering and rejection (something you don’t get with a lot of wireless bluetooth headphones), built-in hands-free voice assistant compatibility, and up to 32 hours of battery life in a single charge. I really like the styling on the Jabra; it’s sleek and modern, without being too techy.


Smartwatches continue to grow as a market, with this year’s breakout feature being an ECG or electrocardiograph. In the past you needed multiple sensors or touch points to capture this type of health data; many devices came with chest straps or additional sensors. Now you can take ECG measurements just with your watch, simply by holding your finger to the crown–that’s a real revolution both in convenience and health-data gathering. Like some of the most popular smartwatches on the market, the Withings Move ECG can also detect atrial fibrillation; early detection of a-fib can be the difference between life and death, so any edge we have there will save lives. For the activity tracking-obsessed the Move ECG is a great option: it captures your stair-climbing efforts too.


This last one is fun: as a content creator I love having a portable with me that I can be creative with. The Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is exactly that: it breaks the mould by having two displays. The first is a gorgeous high resolution full colour display, great for proofing work and consuming content. The other display is where the keyboard would be. This touch-sensitive E-ink screen adapts to what you’re doing, letting you touch type when you want to write, or you can use the included stylus to draw and illustrate. I’m really excited to get more hands-on time with this device!


That wraps up our first look at CES. I’ve got more to share, so make sure you’re following Staples on social media to read it first!

By Mike Agerbo

January 10, 2019