Celebrate National Battery Day on Feb. 18

What would your life be like without batteries? Look around you and count how many of the items in your home use batteries–from cell phones to tablets to remote controls and power tools. Batteries are a convenient source of portable power for today’s electronics.

February 18th marks National Battery Day, which celebrates the important role batteries play in our lives while inspiring consumers to keep batteries out of landfills by recycling them.

Anyone can participate in National Battery Day! Simply collect your old, used household batteries (under 5 kg) and drop them at your local Staples. We accept single-use, rechargeable batteries and old cell phones.

Spread the word about #NationalBatteryDay by encouraging your friends and family to help lead the charge and recycle batteries. Snap a photo and share your year-round battery recycling experiences with us on Twitter and Facebook. For more information about recycling your batteries, visit  Call2Recycle.ca.

By Michelle Janzso

February 16, 2018

Staples Canada