Is a Business Coach Right For You?

After years of running your own business, you may find that you’ve hit a wall. No matter how much you do or what you try, you can’t seem to break a revenue goal or hit the next milestone. Enter the business coach. A consultant who, like you, runs their own business and helps other small business owners think smarter about how to achieve their goals. But is a business coach right for you? Let’s take a look at some clear signs you need a small business coach.

You’re Missing a Peer

Running a business is often a lonely endeavor with few trusted, knowledgeable peers to help push us into greatness. Many of us flourish when surrounded by others to bounce ideas off of and who help spark the imagination. Without it, we can get stuck in a rut. If this sounds familiar, a small business coach might be just what you need. After all, no one is as smart as everyone.

While some business coaches are great at providing unbiased feedback for, say a proposal or new revenue stream model, sometimes all you need is to hear yourself talk before answers reveal themselves. If the latter is the case for you, consider finding a friend, mentor or even a dog to be your sounding board, and save yourself some cash.

You Know What But Not How

It’s impossible to think that any one person can be an expert in every facet of what it takes to run a successful business. After a while, we start to understand what we need to do to take our small business to the next level, but we don’t know what type of people we need or processes to develop to make the “what” work.

A business coach can absolutely help you set up a plan of attack so your vision becomes a reality, more or less, with a shorter learning curve and with fewer setbacks.

You Need Accountability

Staying motivated can be difficult if you’re only responsible for yourself. A small business coach can implement the planning and accountability you need to align your goals with your actions. Sometimes, having to report into someone is all it takes to get the best out of ourselves.

A coach’s job is to help you develop new skills and make you better at what you already know. It’s not easy to admit you need help. But look at your favorite athletes: they all have coaches, no matter how successful they are, because they know they can’t do their best on their own.

By Andrew Patricio

December 04, 2017