Bringing Order to Chaos: Better Locker Organization Is Here

Text books piled at the bottom, forgotten sandwiches crammed between notebooks, old gym clothes floating around: it’s a fact that, as the school year passes, lockers turn into tiny toxic dumps. Why? Because without good organization it’s difficult to make use of a small space, especially with schoolwork, a social life, and sports all sharing this little vertical slice. It doesn’t have to be that way, though; if kids had storage solutions that could make things work, it would be easy to keep things tidy and organized. After all, a tidy locker is a happy locker… or something like that. At the very least, it puts things like school supplies and textbooks up front and accessible and it eliminates the frustration of digging around for things. Adding some personalization and flair with a few décor pieces can also go a long way in helping kids make the space their own and motivating them to keep it looking its best.

Keep it organized

Helping your kids customize their lockers with storage solutions is easier than ever, thanks to a number of locker accessories. For a little extra surface area to store books, notebooks, and other supplies, adjustable shelves can be added to the bottom of the locker or a hanging fabric organizer can be hung from the top shelf. Magnetic paper trays and organizers are perfect for the inside of the locker door, keeping loose paper and smaller items organized. An essential item for every Canadian student’s locker is a boot tray, which provides a washable surface where kids can store their slushy boots or muddy shoes.

Rule the day with a custom command center

Keeping things organized inside the locker is a great start but a locker provides valuable, personal real estate that kids can use to keep their days organized as well. Magnetic dry erase boards can be used to jot down assignments, reminders, or class schedules, helping kids stay on top of everything that’s going. Pair these with some fun Post-It notes and you have a fully functioning command center. To maximize the effectiveness of this command center, work together to come up with a strategy for using these tools before the school year starts. This way they’ll start the school year off with confidence that they can tackle anything that comes their way.

Let their personality shine

Once you have a plan and the tools your kid needs to keep their locker and their days organized, it’s time to move on to the really fun stuff and personalize that tiny space. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that all the items mentioned above come in fun colours and patterns that are sure to inspire, but there are some additional accessories that can dial up the fun factor. Colourful magnetic mirrors are a great addition to the inside of a locker door, making it easy for kids to make sure they’re looking their best. Some of these even have integrated lights to combat the low light in many school hallways. Fun magnets like these emoji ones or these cute glass ones can be used to pin photos, images, or posters to the inside of the door. If your child likes things to be a little more coordinated, WallPops locker décor kits include command center essentials and coordinated décor pieces.

By Guest Dev

August 29, 2017