Beat The Heat With Energy Saving Strategies For Your Home Office

Summer is here and with it the constant whir of the air conditioner and the resulting high energy bill. While you may think a high electric bill is just part of summer, you’d be wrong. There are measures you can take right now that will slash the energy consumption of your home office and therefore your energy costs. Then, maybe you can use that extra cash on your next holiday! So let’s look at some energy-saving strategies for your home office.


Upgrading to LED lampsbulbs and monitors is easy and inexpensive and these devices will consume at least 50% less energy than your old lights and electronics. Over the course of their lifetime, this could add up to a few hundred dollars or more! If you really want to up your energy-saving game, use smart LED bulbs, like Philips Hue, that connect to the internet to allow you to turn lights on and off and dim them when you’re not in the room.

Use Advanced Power Strips

Even when your computer and printers are off, they still draw power, as much as 10% of your entire home’s electricity every month. However, advanced power strips prevent electronics from using electricity when they are turned off, ensuring you’re only using electricity when you need it. They’re affordable so there’s no reason not to get them for your home office now.

Keep the Cool In

If your home office faces directly south, then you may find yourself cranking the air conditioner and fans in the late afternoon. Instead, add an insulating curtain or other liner to your existing window treatments and draw the curtains to a close after lunch. Be sure the curtain facing the sun is white, to reflect more of the light and heat away. You’ll be amazed how much cooler your office will be.  

Green Roof

If you’re really tired of paying a lot for air conditioning and heating, you may want to consider more drastic action like solar panels or a green roof. A green roof is basically a garden on your roof and can reduce cooling loads by 50-90% in some cases. Plus, Toronto residents can apply for a hefty incentive to help pay for their green roof project.  

While implementing these strategies won’t eliminate your electric bill, they can help you offset the cost of higher energy rates. And when you’re working from home, every penny counts. For more tips and resources, visit the Canada Department of Energy website.

By Andrew Patricio

June 21, 2017