Back to School Tech Under $40

With the end of summer fast approaching, it’s a good time to start talking to your kids about what they need for back to school. Getting your kids involved in and excited about choosing school supplies will make heading back to school a lot more fun for everyone. With school supplies, especially tech accessories, quickly adding up it’s also an excellent opportunity to teach them a bit about money management by setting a budget and asking them to work within it. To that end, there are a lot of great back to school tech essentials that will make kids’ lives easier without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my favourite tech essentials for this year:


Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse, Canada 150th

Price: $39.98


This compact portable mouse is perfect for back to school and pairs well with any new laptop, whether it’s Mac or Windows. It can last on a single battery for up to 18 months and offers range of up to 10 meters. The best thing about this mouse is that it comes in some fun colours and patterns, like Canada 150th designs.


Fellowes Travel Mouse Pad

Price: $15.62


The Fellowes Travel Mouse Pad is great for students who are taking their devices to school, the library, or to friends’ houses. This mouse pad is small and flexible and stores nicely on top of a laptop keyboard, where it offers screen protection in transit. Made using Microban material, this mouse pad keeps germs at bay.


WHOOSH Webcam Cover

Price: $4.98


Staying with laptop accessories, the WHOOSH Webcam Cover is a small item that makes a big difference to your kids’ safety. We’ve all heard stories about webcams being hacked and many of us cover our laptop webcams with tape as a result. For kids, who use their webcams while they video chat with friends, this isn’t necessarily a practical solution. The WHOOSH Webcam Cover is an inexpensive and elegant way to cover a laptop webcam while making it accessible. The cover simply slides open and closed.


Maxell Action Kids Earphones

Price: $12


Kids are spending more time online consuming video and music. If they’re using headphones, it’s important to protect their ears, which can be damaged if volumes are too high. The Maxell Action Kids Earphones do just that, limiting volumes to 95 decibels.


Merangue Locker Worx Mirror

Price: $14.98


OK, so this isn’t exactly a high tech item but it helps make lockers just a little more functional. This mirror lights up, making it easy to use even in poorly lit high school hallways. To conserve battery power, the lights automatically turn off after 5 minutes.


These are just a few tech accessories that will make going back to school a little more fun without breaking the bank this year. There are many more great items both online and in-store, depending on what your child’s needs are for back to school. Getting a jump on shopping will allow you and your child to see what’s available and find the best solutions before the shopping rush begins.


By Mike Agerbo

August 09, 2017