5 Ways to Know You Have the Right Office Chair

There is growing research that mixing standing with sitting throughout the day, giving different muscle groups time to rest and activate, is actually healthier and makes you more productive. So if you’re creating your first home office, or thinking of replacing your old seat, here is a quick checklist of five attributes to look for as you search for the perfect office chair.

  1. Adjustability

A chair with a lot of adjustable options means you can customize your seat to suit you. Look for a chair that has adjustable heights and arm rests. Your ideal chair will also have adjustable lumbar support. Just be sure you know how to adjust all the moving parts so you can ensure a good fit now and as you settle into your new chair.

  1.  Seat Depth

When you test drive your potential new office chair, test the distance between the back of your knees and the front of the seat chair by placing two fingers behind your knee. If there’s not enough space or too much wiggle room, keep looking.

  1.  Seat Width

Sit in the chair. How much space do you have on the seat on either side of you? A well-fit chair will have about 1” (2.5cm) on either side of your body. Anything less than that can potentially pinch nerves and blood flow that, over time, can cause discomfort.

  1.  Material World

Besides the aesthetics of a nice-looking office chair, you’ll want to consider the function of its material. Mesh will breath better than other materials, so if you plan on sitting a lot, consider this over a more posh-looking leather or easy-to-clean vinyl, which locks in heat. Plus, mesh fabric will generally last longer.

  1.  Stability

Have you ever noticed that most office chairs have a five-spoke wheel base? That’s because this design is more stable than other designs, so you can minimize tipping over, even if a wheel gets caught on something. To help you stay in your seat, be sure your new office chair is also designed to perform on the floors of your office environment.

There is no one perfect office chair for everyone. We all have different bodies, different workloads, and different budgets. But with these five attributes, you should be able to find a good one for you.

By Andrew Patricio

May 24, 2017