5 Surefire Ways to Win Over a Client

By Stefanie Neyland, Small Business Content Developer at BizLaunch.com

Every small business has that one dream customer that they’d do just about anything to land. But when you're an entrepreneur with limited resources, how do you go about winning over big clients on a small budget? Today we share some simple and effective strategies.


1. Interact with them on social media

If your clients are active on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site, start sharing their content regularly and comment on their updates. Become their biggest fan and before you know it, they’ll know exactly who you are and will look forward to your interactions. Not only will you be making them feel good, but you’ll also be directing more visitors to their social channels and website.


2. Let them know you’re thinking about them

Seen a blog post or article that you think would be of interest to your client? Drop them a line with a link to the content. It could also be a video, infographic or invitation to a conference. Whatever it is, if you think it will resonate with them, send it.


3. Treat them to lunch

We all love a free meal, and your clients are no different. By taking them out to lunch, your goal isn’t to sell—it’s to build and nurture your relationship. You don’t necessarily even have to talk business while you’re there, the idea is just to get to know them, scope out what they’re up to, and gauge their satisfaction with your product or services. After the meal, follow-up with an email thanking them for their company and try to mention something discussed during your meeting to show you were listening—such as an upcoming vacation or event.


4. Send them a gift

We buy gifts for family, friends and even employees—so why shouldn’t we send a token of appreciation to our clients every now and then? It could be an industry-related book, an organizer, a diary, a bottle of wine or a personalized coffee cup. Try and use the personal info you gleaned during that lunch meeting to really personalize your gift.


5. Host an event

Make your business stand out from the crowd by hosting a party or event for your clients. Having live interaction with your customers—without being in a formal, business-like environment—will remind them that building good, long-lasting relationships with your clients is at the core of your business. Post pictures of the event online and share the snaps with clientele via social media, your blog and e-newsletters.


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Photo Credit: thinkpanama on Flickr

By Andrew Patricio

June 11, 2014