5 Reasons an Instant Camera is the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

Many of us tend to gravitate towards buying useful gifts during the holidays but sometimes, a whimsical or fun gift can be the best thing. Buying a loved one something that they might never purchase for themselves can bring a lot of joy. One gift that falls into this category that’s definitely on my shopping list this year is an instant camera. Why an instant camera you ask? Here are five reasons why an instant camera makes a great gift for a loved one:

1. Instant Gratification

Sure, smartphones let you see your photo on a screen the moment you’ve snapped it. Maybe that’s enough for some people but personally, I really enjoyed the days when photos were printed on paper. Even more so, I loved the experience of watching a Polaroid materialize right in front of my eyes. These days, you can still get an instant camera that will give you that same instant gratification.

2. Crafts and Scrapbooking

Even though you can still get photos developed for craft projects and scrapbooks, the process can be inconvenient. With an instant camera, you can take and print photos in the moment, making those craft projects a snap. The photos from instant cameras also add a fun retro feel, adding a layer of interest to projects that combine them with conventional photos.

3. Fun for All Ages

Recently, I tried the Fujifilm Instax camera and instantly thought of my teenage daughter. Even though teenagers will get a kick out of being able to take photos with their friends, print them instantly, and stick them everywhere, these cameras can be a lot of fun for adults too! The nostalgia of instant photos can bring a lot of joy to adults who are old enough to remember the days of Polaroids.

4. Great for Parties

Taking photos of all the fun at parties is a must but these days, we have to wait for people to send them to us or upload them to social media channels. With an instant camera, however, these photos are ready to share and pass around right away. Guests can even take them home as a little souvenir of all the fun.

5. Retro Photos

You know all those filters in popular photo editing software and apps like Instagram? Well with instant camera photos, you don’t need them because these photos have a retro look to them. This gives them an interesting look that’s hard to replicate.

If you’ve been inspired to add an instant camera to your shopping list this holiday season, I recommend the Fujifilm Instax line. This line of cameras comes in a variety of colours and models. They even make accessories like a smartphone photo printer, retro looking camera cases, and black & white photo paper.

By Mike Agerbo

December 06, 2016