5 Apps to Help You Get Through Allergy Season

Spring is upon us in many parts of the country and with it comes pollen and allergy symptoms. For allergy sufferers, this time of year can be pretty frustrating. After all, we all want to get out on a patio or hiking trail after a long, cold winter. While I can’t comment on the best way to manage allergies from a medical standpoint—it’s best to consult your doctor for that—I’ve found that there are a number of apps that can give you valuable information about pollen counts and help you track you allergy symptoms right on your mobile device.


1. The Weather Network

Android, iOS | Free


Back in the days when we used to rely on television for the weather report, we’d often also get information on pollen counts with our forecast. Media outlets dedicated to weather forecasting, like The Weather Network, still offer this information and now it’s available in their apps. So, while it might seem simpler to use the weather app that comes baked into your phone’s operating system, there are advantages to downloading an app from a trusted network like The Weather Network.


2. The Weather Channel

Android, iOS | Free


Another option in the weather app category is The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is the Canadian equivalent of The Weather Network and also provides pollen count information. The two apps have similar features, so it just comes down to selecting the one that’s laid out in a way that works for you.


3. Allergy Sufferers

iOS | Free


Allergy Sufferers is another Canadian app and is designed to give you daily pollen forecasts up to three days in advance. It also gives you tips to minimize your triggers. While the app is free, a premium subscription will give you forecasts and a historical profile of up to seven categories of pollen. It also allows you to track your symptoms and allergy medications.


4. MedHelper

Android, iOS | Free


If your allergies are severe enough, you’re likely taking medication to manage and alleviate your symptoms. If this is the only medication you have to worry about, it might be easy to keep track of it. However, things get more complicated if you’re taking other medications as well. This is where MedHelper comes in. This app allows you to keep track of prescriptions, set reminders to take medications and alert you when medications are running low. After a few minutes of set up, it should help you to stay on top of those meds and keep your allergy symptoms in check.


5. WebMD Allergy

Android, iOS | Free


WebMD is a great online resource for looking up symptoms and conditions, so it’s no surprise that they’ve created a very useful app for allergy sufferers. WebMD Allergy gives you personalized allergy and weather forecasts in addition to doctor-approved tips for managing your symptoms. You can also track your symptoms and treatments and add notes in the allergy tracker. Best of all, you can generate reports that you can share with your doctor at your next appointment.

By Mike Agerbo

April 25, 2018