4 Things To Change in Your Home Office

There are many benefits to working out of your home. One is that you have the freedom to make any change you want without having to request permission from a landlord. Another is that you save your budget from the high cost of monthly rent, freeing you to invest in other things.

Here are four of those things that you might want to consider if health, productivity, and security are important to you.

1. Start Using a Stand Up Desk

Stand up desks are more affordable than you might think and they come with a host of benefits. Studies show that changing your posture throughout the day can help lower your risk of heart disease, reduce the strain on your lower back, and all the while, burn more calories. It’s a win-win-win! If you’re still tethered to your desk chair, it’s time to break loose without losing productivity by investing in a stand up desk for your home office.

2.  Add Extra Ports to Your Laptop

These days, most devices come with a USB cable but no USB to outlet charger to go with it. If you’ve tried charging your e-reader, smart-watch, or just about any other device, you’ve probably noticed this struggle. Most laptops only come equipped with a limited number of ports, which can make it difficult to keep all of your technology charged and ready to put to use. With a hub or docking station, you can fix that conundrum and maintain productivity while working from home.

3. Wireless Headphones

Nothing is quite as distracting as the sound of people talking or the television humming while you’re trying to work. Earbuds just don’t do the trick when it comes to drowning out the noise. If distracting sounds are a problem in your office, it’s time to add a pair of wireless headphones to your space. These headphones can make a world of difference when you need to hunker down and focus. Because they’re wireless, you’ll be able to move around to your whiteboard and back to your computer again without skipping a beat, literally.

4. Data Security

We’re not talking about your home’s security system here, although that’s important for anyone who stores expensive hardware in their home office. When we say you need to change your security, we’re talking about the security on your home computer. Installing protective software and investing in secure hardware can be the difference between a hacker bringing your business to its knees and you meeting your business goals. Data security equipment is money well spent, especially in this day and age when small businesses are becoming increasingly hot targets.

Change Is a Good Thing

Change is a good thing, especially when it comes to improving your health, productivity, and security. With these simple upgrades you can continue dominating your field and growing your company.

By Andrew Patricio

October 22, 2018