3 Ways to Manage Personal and Professional Relationships in Times of Stress

Despite all the ways in which people normally interact every day, according to professional coach and mentor Claudia Aronowitz, there are three simple things to consider when managing your personal and professional relationships through a time of stress, or in a crisis.

These are basic principles that can, and should, be applied at all times, but they’re particularly important when things could get tense. As humans, we are happiest when we’re with others, whether it’s 15 or 50 of them. But how do we keep things calm and cool during times of uncertainty?

Check out these three key tools from Aronowitz to help grow your relationships and keep everyone level-headed.


You need to be clear about your message. People generally don’t understand what we’re talking about unless we are really clear. That means making sure you’re clear about your expectations. Take your time and ask them if they understand. Clarity is essential for good communications.

To make sure there are no misunderstandings, ask them questions and take this opportunity to learn more about the people in your relationships, personal or professional. Ask them about how they’re feeling. How they are dealing with stress. What their concerns are at the moment. Just really get a sense of how they’re dealing with the current situation, which can inform your interactions with them and help you communicate better.


We are different human beings, with different needs, and different perspectives. As the old adage goes, there are three sides to every story — yours, theirs and what really happened. It’s amazing how two people can interpret the same event so differently. So make sure you’re on the same page. Work at understanding their perspective, being clear about your expectations and moving forward on tasks big and small, together.

Don’t Assume

Assumptions are enemy number one when it comes to good communication skills. How are people supposed to know what you want or need, unless you tell them? Everyone is different so it’s important not to assume that people know what you want. Or that other people know where you’re at. Don’t assume they know what you need before you’re asked for it. Be clear and make sure they understand.

For more information and other tips and tricks on navigating through times of stress and crisis, visit claudiaaro.com.

By Staples Canada

April 15, 2020