3 Shortcuts to Better Blogging

Blogging is a great way to improve your search and engage with your audience. But unless you’re a voracious writer, blogging can also be a pain! The insatiable need for a constant stream of high-quality, original content is overwhelming for many small businesses trying to rise above the noise and make an impact. So we’re sharing three shortcuts to better blogging that are sure to help you see more value from your time.

Shortcut to Original Content

Duplicate content is a big SEO no-no because search engines crawling your blog will determine your site isn’t as valuable or even authentic if you have duplicate content. But if you have been blogging for a long time, you might duplicate parts of a blog without realizing it. Or, you might be using a new freelance writer and want to ensure authenticity of their work, quickly. That’s where PlagiarismCheck.org comes in handy. Paste your blog into this free online tool before publishing any blog and it will check for you so you can post with confidence.

Shortcut to More Valuable Content

Everyone has a blog. So how can you break out above the noise? Mark W. Schaefer describes a great hack for creating better blogs and other content in his bestselling book, The Content Code. Take your idea, type it into your favorite search engine and add, “+ blog” to it before searching. If the search term yields more than a million results, your blog will likely fall into the content void. Keep looking! Search narrower and narrower terms until your search yields under 500,000 results. Then, you’re more likely to see better SEO from that blog post.

Shortcut to Better Repurposing

Just because duplicating a blog isn’t good practice, repurposing can help drive more traffic with less work. One of the best ways to repurpose your blogs is to create an infographic from the key points. Promote the infographic and direct people to the original blog post. You can then take that infographic and create a Slideshare presentation, which promotes very well on LinkedIn. Or perhaps your audience engages more on YouTube. Look at your analytics to determine which content your audience devours, and you’ll know just how to repurpose your blog.

So there you have it; three shortcuts to better blogging. And it’s just the beginning! With a little creativity, you can start creating your own shortcuts to better blogging.


By Andrew Patricio

August 02, 2017