3 Genius Uses of LinkedIn

Ah, the ever-evolving world of social media. If you’re smart (and of course you are), you’ll realize that even if you mastered one social media tool a few years ago, there’s still plenty for you to learn as these sites add new and exciting features for you to take advantage of.

LinkedIn is one example.

Over the past year or two, the site has stepped up its game, making it more valuable for its business community. Here are three ways you should be using it to network and grow your business.

  1. Follow Hashtags

As the number of people you’re connected with on LinkedIn grows, so does your feed on the home page. But quite honestly, you don’t care about everything that everyone posts, so how do you whittle it down?


By choosing the hashtags you care most about, you can fine-tune your feed to only show you topics that are the most relevant to you.

  1. The Home Page Hack

None of us have time to waste as entrepreneurs, and social media is known as a time-suck. The good news is: LinkedIn has some great features on its home page that can minimize the time you spend on the site.

On the upper right corner, you’ll see what people are talking about now. This is a quick and easy way to find out trending topics and click to what you’re interested in. Staying in the know takes literally seconds.

Below that are recommendations of people you might want to follow, based on who you’re already following. So rather than searching for new connections, they’re presented to you.

  1. Easy Content Publishing

LinkedIn took a note from Facebook and has made it easier to post updates and articles directly from the home page. Just click “write article,” and you’re off. The great thing about this is that your article will be viewable by all LinkedIn members, and will appear in your contacts’ feeds.

You can even view analytics about how many people have viewed your article. Oh, and there’s no rule about republishing content; it’s a great way to drive traffic back to your blog (include a link to the original article).

LinkedIn is now a bit of a hybrid between Facebook, Twitter, and itself. With more interactive features, you have the opportunity to show off your thought leadership and connect with your contacts in new and innovative ways.

By Andrew Patricio

July 30, 2018