2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Uncover Exclusive Deals

What gifts are popular right now?

This season it’s all about personal connection and interests— the latest gadgets for tech enthusiasts, travel essentials for globetrotters, and thoughtful tokens for teachers or colleagues.

The holiday season is here and with the glow of festive lights and the mounting decorations, there's a sense of anticipation in the air. This is the season of thoughtful giving, heartwarming gestures, and meaningful exchanges. We've made gifting effortless by answering the top searched questions across the most popular gifting categories. From the latest electronics for aficionados to perfect picks for travelers, kids, and those special tokens of appreciation for teachers or colleagues, our guide is tailored to ensure meaningful exchanges and heartwarming gestures for everyone on your list.

Top Gifting Searches for 2023

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Travel Essentials

Setting off on an adventure, whether it's for the boardroom or the beaches, comes with its own set of to-dos. With an overwhelming array of travel items available, selecting the right accessory can be a challenge. However, we've curated a selection to make this task a breeze for you. From dependable Nicci luggage sets to essential travel tools, Staples caters to the discerning traveler. Consider gifting a streamlined, water-resistant passport holder that ensures everything is sealed and protected. Or perhaps, Bose noise-cancelling headphones for the individual who is often on the move, making their travels a bit more serene. Our collection also includes universal phone chargers, ergonomic neck pillows, and handy luggage scales. Choosing these as gifts is more than just a thoughtful gesture; it shows a commitment to enhancing someone’s travel experience. And if they’re a frequent traveler, they’re sure to appreciate the extra comfort.

Latest Tech

Tech-savvy or not, there’s a gadget out there that fits snugly into the daily routine of nearly anyone. Within our collection, you'll discover a variety of electronics that cater to everyone from tech experts to beginners. Gift the music enthusiasts in your life with Apple wireless earbuds that deliver crystal-clear audio or anchor a smart home with an Amazon Echo speaker. For the home office, ergonomic keyboards or adjustable standing desks can revolutionize their workspace, offering added support and flexibility while help booting their productivity. And for those who enjoy books and media, Samsung tablets or Kindle e-readers can carry their entire library seamlessly. With each tech gift, you’re providing a gateway to efficiency, entertainment, and a little extra joy.We stand by our electronics with extended tech support and multi-year warranty options from Allstate, providing support for accidental damage including screen cracks, liquid spills, battery issues, and sound problems. So, go ahead and give the gift of tech this year with peace of mind.

Kids Gifts

When the holidays roll around, the kids are front and centre and their contagious excitement is the highlight of the season. Our Staples Kids Learn+ Play assortment is carefully curated to capture and amplify that excitement with gifts that help them learn as they spark their imagination. Venture through our collection for Crayola arts and crafts kits that are gateways to creativity or give them educational STEM toys that sneakily serve up knowledge with a side of fun. A telescope could be the ticket to the cosmos for an aspiring astronaut, while a digital drawing tablet might be the first palette for a future digital Picasso. Board games and Lego in the mix promise not only spirited competition but also golden opportunities for family togetherness. Every item you select from our lineup is a potential adventure, ready to unlock childhood delight.

Personalized Treasures

Customization is the key to a thoughtful gift, showcasing that extra personal touch. With Staples custom photo gifts, you can elevate an ordinary mug or bag with a unique touch that’s personal to them. Consider a personalized calendar with special dates and photos, or notebooks inscribed with a name or meaningful quote. Picture the family enjoying their morning brew in custom-made mugs featuring a heartfelt message or a beloved photo. Every custom item you choose creates lasting memories, and plenty of reasons to smile.

Teacher & Coworker Tributes

The holiday season brings the perfect opportunity to honor those who impact our daily lives, from inspiring teachers to supportive coworkers. Celebrate their dedication with gifts that enhance their day-to-day, like classroom decoration that brightens up lessons or ergonomic desk chairs that offer comfort during long hours. For coworkers, think of headphones for their focus playlists or personalized luggage tags for their next getaway. Our curated collection extends to include thoughtful items like coffee makers for the office connoisseur or sleek planners for the organized colleague. Each gift is more than an item; it's a token of appreciation and a nod to the moments you’ve shared together.

As the holiday season glows with festive cheer, we’ve curated a selection of gifts that cater to every interest and budget. From tech lovers to teachers, kids to coworkers, our guide offers an array of choices, including budget-friendly finds under $100. These gifts are not just about the excitement of unwrapping but about the joy of everyday use, whether it's a practical gadget for the home office, a playful learning tool for a child, or a personalized keepsake for a special someone. With options to suit every budget, your holiday shopping is set to be as satisfying as the giving itself.

By Staples Canada